Saturday, December 12, 2009

You Set My Soul Alive

USC's Reverse Osmosis A Capella group

  Love this song anyway, but how amazing is this group?! I simply started out on that terrible time-waster called YouTube watching a super adorable little Asian boy sing "I'm Yours" and play his ukulele. This little kid plays ukulele better than I do! I then made the mistake of searching related videos and have spent the last hour watching cute kids and A Capella groups. Oh YouTube, you're going to be my procrastinating downfall one of these days.
  I've been pretty busy this last week, despite having four days off of class. I'm totally done with English and FYRS (first year seminar, where I made sock puppets and watched movies) classes. One more day to go for my Anthropology exam and my Theatre Appreciation exam. The former should be pretty easy, all multiple choice and we get a practice test. The latter, well, let's just say I'm a bit frightened. She barely went over what would be on the test. And by barely, I mean all she said was "It's going to be like the last one, but be ready for there to be questions from the midterm and anything from the second half." Meaning, you know, be ready for anything. I'm gonna start some hardcore studying tomorrow.

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