Monday, December 28, 2009

Psstt.. Pass it on

  I bought the StarbucksLove CD at Starbucks a few weeks ago for Mamma and we absolutely love it! (No pun intended..) We also went on the website and made our own cute little pictures for the campaign. I may or may not find those again and share with you all.

  But without further ado, I must share with you one of the coolest videos of the year:

  How amazing is this!? A friend on Facebook posted it and (of course) I had to see what the deal was. And boy oh boy am I glad I did. This year was surprisingly a really good year in music I think. How about you dollface? Agree or disagree? Think about it: Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Kings of Leon, and Beyonce all in the Top 25. It was such a unique year for musical talents. There were so many different types of popular songs and I LOVE! when that happens. My musical taste is pretty eclectic, so it was a fabulous year for me.

  OH! And PS: MY DADDY AND SUZ BOUGHT ME A NEW CAR FOR CHRISTMAS! It's a gorgeousss Pontiac Grand Am in Bronze and I adore it. We got it registered today and technically I will be able to drive it at 12:01AM tonight when the insurance kicks in. I'm pretty tired, so I'm just gonna drive it out to the boyfriend's in the morning for breakfast with him (before he heads out to Miami to see Phish).


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