Saturday, December 17, 2011

Just Like New

So this is the new blog layout...

I'm liking the simplicity and I think I'll really enjoy having more space to write and post photos, especially with my new-to-me fancy camera and soon-to-be-mine (8MP !!) iPhone camera. I'm really looking forward to having a really good camera, attached to my phone, that can be with me in my bag all the time. Miss iPhone and my Canon cannot wait to be brought on my New York trip with me.

This is all besides the point though, the point being that I like my new layout and header and want to share where I found them/how I made them.

The layout is called "Strawberry Shortcake" and comes from Pugly Pixels. This site is fabulous and has tons of cute free things along with their items for sale. Loads of downloads and tutorials to go with them, it's enough to make even me feel inspired about changing things up a bit. I love the velvet bows, and the How to Spot One of Those Darn Bloggers post is so good! Taylor is always getting on to me when we go out to eat. "Wait! Don't touch it! Let me take a picture first!" has been heard many a time at our table. Go look and enjoy!

The new header was made all by me, thanks to I splurged a little (honestly, what I would normally spend on a cup of coffee) and paid for the Premium membership this month, and so far it's been worth it. It's nice to be able to access the entire site, especially some of the Holiday editing. The background  flowery stuff came from a picture of this dress:
Edited with Pixlr.
My face is SO goofy. I was trying to figure out my camera's timer settings and didn't realize it was taking a million pictures one after the other, so as I was fake smiling and posing I began to laugh as I leaned in to turn the camera off and this is what it caught. I ended up kind of liking the spontaneity of it though. Anyway.. the header image is of that dress and the font is Love Ya Like a Sister, a cute one that Picnik has.

Just wanted to let you all know a little bit about what when on behind the scenes here. I'm in Melbourne until Wednesday, when I leave for my grand ol' New York trip. I have my laptop with me now but may or may not take it up on the flight with me, so this may be the last post for a bit. Merry Christmas! Happy Hannukah! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Yule! Happy New Year! and any other major holiday I have forgotten!


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In the Christmas Spirit

In between packing for New York (yay 21 Before 21 list item!), getting our apartment puppy ready, and finishing last minute Christmas shopping and decorating, I've barely had time to think straight. I have, however, had just a few moments to throw together some songs for you. These are the songs I've been humming to get me through the Fall Semester stresses and ready for Holiday happiness! I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. Now back to wrapping I go- there is SO much love going into these gifts this year.

Also, enjoy this picture of the newest member of my family, already being enhanced to show her future love for the holiday season! Meet Miss Philippa Rose:

This Christmas Feeling by Skye von Achen on Grooveshark


Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Finals Week! (& Happy 2nd Birthday Blog!)

Playing my ukulele. Practice makes perfect, right?
Just a few little updates because I have some cute pictures to share! It's finals week here at UNF, so I've been swamped with studying and essay writing (and of course procrastinating!). Two weekends ago was Thanksgiving. Meaning!! It's kind of like.. the bloggy's Second Birthday! EEK! I've had it for two years now and well, fifty three posts later I couldn't be more proud. 6,000+ page views still blows my mind, so thank you very much to anyone who has taken the time to read and enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it! I adore you all!

Now onto some more pictures to tide you over until I get the chance to post what I'm really excited about- Christmas decorations and my Book Mine finds! But alas! those are for another day...
We decorated our family Christmas tree in Melbourne. All of the personal ornaments are my favorite. Look at this one of little me! Too cute, right?
Mmmmm. Taylor took me on a retro date to Johhny Angel's, a Fifties themed delicious restaurant here in Jacksonville. I was SO full after my burger, chili cheese fries, and chocolate milkshake, but I cannot wait to go back. YUM.
And finally, me nerding out in my Sailor Moon shirt, in the biggest book store I've ever set foot in. Chamblin's Book Mine is well, a MINE of BOOKS. Over 2million at the location we were at!! I unearthed some truly amazing items which I'll share in my next post. Hint: They're both over 100 years old!
Now back to ukulele playing.. I mean studying. One final down as of this morning. One and a half papers and one final to go! Good luck to anyone else cramming and Happy It's-Okay-To-Be-Excited-About-Christmastime-Now-Time! XO, Skye.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

21 Before 21 Update!

There are 102 days until my 21st birthday! I've been patiently awaiting it and slowwwwly marking off items on my 21 Before 21 list. Even Taylor is getting excited, as he's been helping me with almost every one. I thought I'd give you guys a quick update about the few I've accomplished so far/the few I'm working on...

Buy and play an ukulele: It's in the mail! It's in the mail! It's in the mail! And I'm so excited I can barely type it! I ordered it the other evening, it's a Lanikai LU-11 I purchased through Amazon after much research. It should be arriving any minute, so if I quit typing and put up a half written blog, you'll know why!
She's here! Now what to name her.. and how to play?
Have a picnic: Taylor had the idea for us to accomplish this the other day! It was my reward for getting our room cleaned, so after a long weekend indoors we trekked to UNF. Our campus is wonderful as it has a 300+ acre wildlife sanctuary and tons of walking trails, it's really beautiful. We just so happened to go during a Sunday LARPing meeting, and much giggling ensued about their costumes and fake weapons. Taylor's a big nerd and does some LARPing of his own, but apparently his is "cooler" than theirs. I suppose there are rules to these things that I don't know... We munched on sandwiches of chicken salad and yummy crackers, an apple and a pear, and cookies for dessert! Taylor drank tea and I drank lemonade. It was a lovely day.
Making chicken salad sandwiches.
Giggling over various funny things.
Go to NYC: Our tickets are purchased and we're on our way the 21st of December! I am so enamored with everything NYC right now, just the sight of the Big Apple makes me swell with glee. I've been planning every little detail, down to what I will pack and how I will dress and where we will go. Winter Break cannot come soon enough.
Unrelated, I know. This is actually us at Taylor's grandfathers wedding, but it was too cute not to add!
Perfect one dinner recipe: Well, I've cheated a little on this one. I haven't "perfected" anything really fancy, but I've worked really hard on learning to master my basic culinary skills and can sure make good sandwiches and cookies! I've also got chili down and I'm pretty good at tilapia.
These were the BEST sandwiches I've ever made. It was just a grilled ham and cheese, but oh were they good.
Eat a yummy banana split: Ohh this was one of the most delicious! Taylor and I went to Friendly's and had the cutest waiter ever. We discussed life and our "old age" and watched young high school kids get excited in the booth next to us. Wonderful date that I can't wait to do again.
Mmmm yummy!
And that is all my loves! I still have quite a few to go, but the pleasure I've gotten in achieving these few is absolutely amazing. My ukulele JUST arrived so I'll be off teaching myself how to play. XO!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Boo from Me to You!

   The boyfriend and I are headed out this evening to Melbourne and I wanted to wish you a very Happy Halloween Weekend! Eat lots of candy and dress cutely for me! Taylor is being an Irish rugby player and I'm going to be his leprechaun, we're dressing up for our downtown street party. Pinky promise I'll post pictures as soon as I get a chance.
   I've already decorated most of the house (I can't even imagine how ridiculous it shall get for Christmas!) and the little banner above is one of my favorites. It was super cheap at Target, I want to say only few dollars, and it looks so sweet at the top of our stairs. I've also decorated the entire front window and have a pumpkin full of candy ready and waiting for precious little vampires and princesses on Monday. This big kid decorating and candy-giving is much more fun than I could have imagined.
   And this is my pride and joy! The wall that had been decorated for Taylor's birthday is now decorated as a Halloween wonderland! Sometimes I just like to decorate things for the crafting of it, and this is no exception. I took down the balloons and the walls looked so bare- I was practically forced redecorate.
   Finally my dear buttercups, I'll leave you with a little freebie that I made this year. It's made to fit my computer screen settings, but it shouldn't be too terrible looking if it's on your screen.
Just click and "Set as desktop background!
Be super spooky and I hope you get the good candy! XOXO.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Pretty Closet makes a Better Day

   Or well... some sort of saying like that. I was told by Taylor that I simply had to organize our closet. And soon. When our roommate moved in I had to take all of my extra clothing out of her closet and back into ours, and since then it has looked like a volcano erupted and left behind a trail of destruction. I am going to indulge you and show you a photograph, but just know that it embarrasses me so:

   So yes. This was Before. The terrible, no good, horrendous Before. Taylor went out of town last weekend and thus, I tackled the Before. It took many hours of music, many hours of purging things that I didn't need, and quite a few hours where I forgot to eat and take breaks. It was well worth it in the end, as here's the final product:
After- The lighting makes it look sort of like a haunted house!
   Tada! I have an entire large box of donation things and everything is super organized in the After. There are still too many clothes in there, but it's going to take another couple of purge sessions to set it straight. Plus, I'm going to have to get onto Taylor for keeping shirts that a) don't fit or b) are yucky. We also need to learn to control our laundry monsters a little better. But on the bright side, the most difficult part is finished!
   I've even made the wall above our desk (the wall next to our closet) more organized, and much more adorable. I put up our second section of twinkly lights, moved around my bulletin/inspiration board, and made the best banner ever. The banner is my favorite part and it was ridiculously easy!
Wall above Taylor's desk and my banner!

 The Cutest Banner You'll Ever Make Instructions:
  1. Go to the craft store of your choice. Purchase three sheets of different color coordinating scrapbook paper. I chose one patterned one and two plain ones, but you could do lots of patterns, more than three papers, only plain colors- whatever your little heart desires really!
  2. Hopefully you already own a needle (Sadly I didn't so I had to buy a sewing kit- life of a college kid, right?), so just purchase some color of embroidery thread that matches all three of your paper choices. Embroidery thread worked well for me because it's thin enough to go through the paper but thick enough to see on the wall.
  3. Cut triangles out of your scrapbook paper. I did five from my patterned paper and four from each of my plain papers, but again you could do whatever works for you. I also found a good picture of triangles for a banner on Pinterest, which helped to keep mine all the same size and shape. Lay your triangles out on a flat surface in the pattern you'd like when you're finished cutting.
  4. Thread your needle and cut the piece of embroidery thread so that it is at least an extra foot longer than your row of triangle papers. Make sure the triangles are all facing the right direction and that the correct side of the paper is facing up! Even my plain colored paper had a textured side and a smooth side, so be careful which one you're using as the top.
  5. Tie a knot in the end of your thread, leaving about five inches so you can use that to hang the banner. Start weaving the needle and thread through the flat top part of the triangle. You should have two holes in each triangle. Look at the little tutorial I drew y'all!
  6. Weave and weave until you get to the end of your triangles, and then tie a knot.
  7. Spread the triangles out evenly on the thread. Hang up your ends on the wall, either tying them or using pushpins. I used pushpins but then still had wiggle room, so I tied bows in the end! You could also tie them across a table or between two trees or above a doorway! The possibilities are kind of endless.
  8. Admire your super delightful new decoration!

   And that is it my loves! Easy-peasy and it really helped make that corner of our room feel complete. I will definitely be making holiday themed banners, birthday banners, everyday-of-the-week banners! I've got a bit more of the closet to work on, just bought matching hangers and a few more organizing tidbits today, so au revoir until later dears! XO.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Blah blah blahdy, uh what?

I'm sick. Not dreadfully ill or anything, but my throat has been killing me, I've been ridiculously tired and (like most times when I get sick) my brain has ceased to function.

Example One: Amorous Squid Seeks Partner: Any Sex Will Do
     Taylor's car was broken this morning, so we had to carpool to class. Today that meant that I got to sit in on a couple of his classes and on the way to one, I picked up this newspaper. After class, he picked it up and read me the title of that article. I, being absolutely brainless by this point, SER. IOUS. LY. looked at the big picture of the dancer next to it and thought he was searching for a dance partner and that his name was Amorous Squid! How in the world I made that connection, I cannot say.

Example TwoNot Really My Silly Statement, But Too Good to Pass Up
     Rihanna's "Cheers (Drink to That)" came on the radio as we were driving to get the boyfriend's car. Sarcastic Me: "Maybe I'll just go home and drink myself into a stupor and that will make me feel better. I'll drink to that- yeah-e-yeahhh." To which Taylor responds: "Well alcohol kills germs so it'd probably make you feel better." It made me giggle but I'd love to actually research it and see if it holds any truth!

Where in The World is Carmen SanDiego?
Example Three: Carmen Electra/SanDiego
     Well we're watching Attack of the Show on G4, and they show a preview of their interview with Carmen Electra where she is lifting her shirt up. Taylor had missed it so I go "Oh gosh, Carmen SanDiego is taking... Crap." and burst into a giggle fit lasting at least five minutes. It takes all of my willpower to stop laughing and explain to him, as he's going "What about Carmen SanDiego? Huh??", that I did not mean SanDiego and I definitely meant Carmen Electra. Why do I love him? He just goes "You do know Carmen SanDeigo wears a trench coat right?" Right.

Now I'm sitting in bed trying to control my out of hand social media- Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, etc. etc. etc. I know, such a hard life! I'm also drinking some delicious Refresh Tazo Tea and eating toast. Feeling better is kind of my top priority right now, my brain really needs that help. XO.

Monday, September 19, 2011

"Are you gonna put this on your blog?"

Yes honey, yes I am. You are cute and sweet and I love you for traveling with me to see my sorority family and my family-family! So you deserve to be featured here, too.

We had a cute adventure out of town today. First we drove a long long way and talked about gun control, vampires, and time travel. Our thoughts on these were hilarious and they kept us busy drinking our coffee the entire way to meet my sorority family. We met Big and GGBig for lunch at Applebee's and had such a lovely time! There are some super cute pictures but (alas!) they're on Big's camera. It was so nice to see them and catch up! Then we headed out to the Ten Acre Woods for a little extra food, cake, and good conversation with KDK and the gang. Again- lovely! Once we were good and full, we headed back home with a drive consisting of talk about what we would decorate future kid's rooms as and Taylor giving me the Best Idea Ever of making a bed look like an Ariel clam shell and having it sing every time you open and close it. I about wrecked the car from excitement because, well... I wanted that bed for myself. Ha!

I had such a nice day visiting with everyone and it was really wonderful to get out of town for a bit. It's amazing how rejuvenating it can be to leave your town for a few. You come back and you're so happy to crawl into your own comfy bed. Speaking of which, that bed is kind of calling my name right now. XO.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Shopaholics Anonymous

I've finally gotten my refund money from the University and have been so terribly good at not spending it on frivolous things. So good in fact, that I was feeling weird for not spending any money- the boyfriend and I went to the mall and I did not buy a single thing. Not a thing. We were there for three hours! The money is supposed to last me for awhile, but before I had gotten it I told myself I'd take a little out and spend a tiny bit on myself, that way I wouldn't go spending crazy the first time I went out into civilization. Finally, after a couple weeks of complaining that I hadn't bought anything, I took my 50$ budget and decided to head to Target on a night when the boyfriend was at rugby practice. Here is the story of that lovely shopping trip:
Sometimes I pose on top of ottomans in our extra room with the windows. At night. When the lighting sucks. With my phone which doesn't take super great pictures. Kind of a fail.
7:30 PM: Drive to Target, hoping they're open until at least 9 PM. Find a decent parking spot. Walk into the store and look at the dollar section. Don't even pick up one item. Sad face.
8:00 PM: Wander through the clothing, finding a couple things I like but nothing worth buying. Try on a super cute pair of boots, decide they're not really what I'm looking for.
8:15 PM: Find the Halloween section. Rejoice! Decide I don't actually want to decorate until October. See candy corn. Walk ALL the way to the other side of the store to find a smaller bag, find out they don't have any smaller bags, procede to walk ALL the way back to get the massive "Value" sized bag. Smell it a lot, because candy corn smell is amazing.
Bow headband and Candy Corn!
8:30 PM: About to leave with just my candy corn and decide to walk to the toys. Think about how I can't play Words With Friends because I don't have a fancy iPhone. Lightbulb Moment when I realize I could just buy Scrabble and force the boyfriend to play with me. Pick up Scrabble off the shelf and almost jump up and down. Conjure up a plan to make it a surprise from Cupid, complete with a cute note!
"Love, Cupid" Taylor thought it was interesting that Cupid and I have really similar handwriting. I said I thought we must have gone to Elementary school together. 
I won 283-263! Super proud of some of those words.
8:45 PM: Walk back to the front of the store, detouring through the accessories section, trying to buy at least one thing that will be really useful and slightly frivolous. Find a headband with a giant bow and plaid. Decide that I need an outfit to go with it. Wander the clothes again.
Headband! Wearing it kind of sideways so that the bow is on top.
9:15 PM: Finally decide on a black skirt and a blue shirt (over a plain black dress, jeans, stripey shirt, etc.) and get excited over wearing it to class on Friday. (Friday's are my favorite class days and always end up being date lunches for me and Taylor Frank, so I like to dress up.) Head back to the dollar section, find some cute hair ties. Pay and head home, where I proceed to try everything on and take some of these cute pictures.
10:30 PM the next night: Make my cutie patootie boyfriend take pictures of my outfit. He told me that if I put them up on my blog I had to site him or else it would be plagiarism HA!. So here you go sweet pea: Pictures of my outfit were taken by Taylor.
P.S. My bum looks amazing in this skirt. Trust me, I checked myself out a TON.
Hope you enjoyed my picture heavy, somewhat silly post tonight. Boyfriend is out with the rugby boys  (Deadbirds won again!) so I'm here writing, homeworking, and watching crappy TV. We're headed out of town tomorrow to meet two parts of my sorority family for lunch (EEK so excited!), so I'm staying in drinking orange juice so I'm ready to drive. Back to being lazy now- XO, Skye.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Let the Wild Rumpus Begin!

Where the Wild Things Are- Maurice Sendak
I'm on a sort of Maurice Sendak love-kick at the moment. The boyfriend is out for the night (official rugby business aka it's his 21st birthday) and I've got lots of time alone in my big bed to read picture books and google all kinds of amazing-ness. In my Illustrated Book class, which I'm loving, we talked about a few Maurice Sendak books today; "Dear Mili", "In the Dumps With Jack and Guy", and partially "Where The Wild Things Are". And it took me till the end of the day to realize how much I abso-positive-lutely adore Sendak and his works. "Dear Mili" is so touching and heart-wrenching. "In The Dumps" makes you really think, something you don't expect from a children's book. "Where the Wild Things Are" is just well, amazing. And on top of this list I have to add a little gem I found years ago at a Goodwill- "Pierre- A Cautionary Tale". 
Pierre- Maurice Sendak
This book is so adorable, you wouldn't even believe anything could be this precious. It's teeny tiny and very sweet, and it has a special place on my bookshelf.
Dear Mili- Maurice Sendak (It's out of print but please please find it and read it, it's wonderful and the pictures are gorgeous.)
I guess what this post is really about is my absolute adoration for anything Sendak does. His spunk and disregard of the rules make me love him even more. I'll leave you with this quote to brighten your day:
"Once a little boy sent me a charming card with a little drawing on it. I loved it. I answer all my children's letters - sometimes very hastily - but this one I lingered over. I sent him a card and I drew a picture of a Wild Thing on it. I wrote, "Dear Jim: I loved your card." Then I got a letter back from his mother and she said, "Jim loved your card so much he ate it." That to me was one of the highest compliments I've ever received. He didn't care that it was an original Maurice Sendak drawing or anything. He saw it, he loved it, he ate it." - Maurice Sendak
And that my dears, is why Maurice Sendak renews my faith in children and our humanity. XO.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thank Gosh it's Thursday!

Plus a little Gala Darling TiLT thrown in, just because.

I'm the very worst most terrible no good blogger ever! It seems like I only ever want to blog when, well, I have some reason that I need to blog. I guess that's what this is for, I always just thought I'd turn OhmySkye into something that I would want to share with everyone every single day of my entire life. Guess I'm just getting distracted by life..

Life has been super overwhelming the past few weeks, so it's nice to finally get time to write again. I just changed the last thing on my 21 Before 21 list to something that I think is more reachable and something I want even more. But! I'm only 6ish months away from the big 21 and I don't have a single thing crossed off my list! So for the next couple weeks I'm going to take them one at a time and break them down and figure out how to accomplish them. Ready, set. Go!

And now for a little TiLT so I stop with the "weepy Wanda's" and the "feeling bad for myself Francene's":
  • My snuggly bed, for always being there when I need it.
  • Likewise, my snuggly Taylor, for always being there when I need him, even if I say I don't.
  • Finding (and eating) the best pizza ever at Vino's.
  • Finding (and devouring) some really delish Thai food and a cute consignment shop right next door.
  • Getting to read little kid books for a class. Please go find and read Flotsam if you haven't before!
  • The fact that it's almost the weekend again! Thank gosh.
That's all for now folks, now to change my email info on here and a couple other sites to my new email. XO.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sweet Nothings: All Shook Up

And not just of the Elvis variety.. har har har. Har. Har?
Alright, lame joke, but for real. My life is so topsy-turvy right now, my clothes are still not unpacked, I'm trying to organize and organize and get everything well, organized. From school to money to vacations to the house, I've been thinking a lot and worrying a lot and doing a lot. And you see.. it's a lot. So I'm finally updating ya'll real fast with a couple little pictures. My Sweet Nothings for the week:
This is our room right after I moved all of my whatnots into it. If you can believe it, there's even more on the other side of the room. Eek! Most is unpacked and put away, but there's still a lot left to accomplish before it's up to my standards.
And our room after! Much better with the super industrial bookshelf that my parents got me. I can fit all of my books on just two shelves now with room to spare for knickknacks. Sorry about the ridiculously bad photo quality, I thought of this post last minute and our lighting in the room is less than stellar. You know you're a college kid when the main lighting in your room comes from upcycled Christmas lights!

I'm trying real hard to maintain a sense of girly and Viking balance in our room. My flowery pink quilt takes up quite a bit of the visual space, but his posters take up the majority of the wall space, so we're fairly even. One thing that won't be even? Our closet space. While his clothes fit on a few hangers and one hanging shelf and a small dresser, mine are currently taking up two thirds of the closet! I need to have a clothing intervention soon I suspect..
I've had a lot of free time here with no job yet and Taylor working and in class so much (added to my clothing purge procrastination), so I've been making friendship bracelets to keep my hands busy. They're so terribly easy once you figure the knots out. I love the tutorial on PurlBee for making them! Her's are so beautiful and such an inspiration.

Something else keeping me super busy around the internet? Pinterest! Such an amazing photo site, I love it for making boards and as a lovely idea keeper. Follow me and I'll return the favor!
I drove home over the weekend and encountered this massive storm. The power of nature constantly amazes me. (The weird reflections in the corner are my Ariel and duckie dashboard friends!)

I had such a wonderful time back in my home town. My parents and brother and I did so much and unfortunately I didn't take many pictures of my own. Thursday was Pat's Place Tuna Greek Salads (the best you'll ever have!) and lots of shopping, followed by homemade pizza with my dad's family. Friday was a long day with dentists and visits with old friends, then dinner at Skewers, a scrumptious Mediterranean restaurant beachside. Saturday we celebrated my Granma's 70th birthday at the Kiwi Tennis Club, complete with a delicious meal and good company and followed by a hilarious trip to Wendy's for Frosties and a ride on my dad's new Harley motorcycle! And now I'm back in my new home sweet Jacksonville apartment, staying up way too late writing this! I miss my cute little home on the internet, and really hope I'll get to write write write some more in these next few busy albeit exciting weeks.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Mamma and I made a Fresh Market run and bought three cheese burgers, fries, apple pie and sparklers. Can you get much more American?! I'm super excited for it all. My only wish is that I didn't have 659874067843 things to do still before The Big Move. Only two more weeks! I don't have any pictures from this year yet, so I'll leave you with a couple from last years festivities.

Have a safe and happy 235th birthday, America! XO.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Excuse My Absence

I'm in the midst of a work/cleaning/packing/organizing/lazy procrastinating frenzy. I'm trying to do nine thousand things before The Big Move, and it's all getting a bit overwhelming. I'll update again when I have the time and mental capacity to do so. I'd leave you with a photograph of my room right now as evidence, but I'm way too embarrassed to do so. Instead, I'll link you to my Pinterest account so you can look at some of the pretty ways I've procrastinated..

 This is like my room, but replace the balloons with clothing and boxes and packing junk, oh my!

Click here! XOXO.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dear Florida,

Sometimes, I really miss you. Scratch that- all the time I really miss you.

Growing up there, I didn't really appreciate you. The beauty of sunny days, of always being able to wear flip-flops even in "winter", driving over the causeway to "beachside" and seeing the vast ocean unroll before my eyes. Every time I go back to visit I relish in the delight I get from just a single warm, sunny day, a single peek at the waves, a single toe dip in the cool water. I roll my windows down and crank my music up and think "Gosh, why did I ever move away from this place?" So really, Florida, this is an apology. I'm sorry I neglected you when I lived there and I'm sorry I didn't realize how beautiful you really are. Now that I'm here in Georgia, I miss you. I tell people about Melbourne and "The Beaches" as if you were a long lost friend, one I greatly loved but sadly moved away from. I'm proud of being a Florida Girl and being able to say I grew up in a place that most people will only vacation to. Melbourne may not be famous Miami or the Keys, but it is still Florida and there is still the ocean and the Sunshine State and I still love you.

This is getting a bit depressing, so I just want to tell you that I'M MOVING BACK! Not to the exact place, but I will soon enough be back in your loving, albeit very hot, Florida arms. I'll be rejoicing in the fact that I will never (and this is a fact) be more than 60 miles away from a beach at any given time. Despite my paleness, the beach will be a sight for sore eyes. Florida, I love you. And I cannot wait until we meet again.

All My Love, Skye.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Stealing is bad.

Which is why I'm gonna go ahead and link to all of the places I found images, stock, etc. for redoing my cutesy bloggy. Thanks goes out to all of these talented people for so kindly giving their work to people like me for free!

The Graphics Fairy

Pugly Pixel- So super cute and so many freebies!

MellowMint from deviantART.

And! I used Picnik and FotoFlexer to edit everything (bounced back and forth would be a better way of putting this). Both photo editing sites are free, they just have different features I like so I mix and match. Most fonts I use come free from DaFont or are found via the two editors. SO happy with how everything came out and can't even say how excited I am to start blogging again. I've neglected my baby for far too long. XO.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

21 Before 21

Finally (Finally!) I've decided on twenty-one tasks I want to accomplish before my 21st birthday rolls around next March. A lot of things have occurred since March of this year and I've been horrendous to my poor blog, neglecting it until just yesterday. BUT! That shall change, I pinky promise. So here it is, the official (may possibly change again but probably not) list:
  1. Pet a llama.
  2. Go to Hogwarts.
  3. Gamble at a Casino.
  4. Buy and play a ukulele.
  5. Have a picnic.
  6. Go to St. Augustine.
  7. Plan my 21st Vegas Trip.
  8. Bake a rainbow layer cake.
  9. Get an iPhone.
  10. Go to NYC.
  11. Perfect one dinner recipe.
  12. Go to at least one big museum.
  13. See a fortune teller.
  14. Visit NASA.
  15. Finish my Ariel cross-stitch.
  16. Eat a yummy banana Split.
  17. All A’s and B’s in my classes.
  18. Find Sailor Moon on DVD.
  19. Camp in a tent.
  20. Revamp my clothing collection.
  21. Buy a Diana Lomo camera.
There ya go! Now just to wish and wish all of these lovely things into my life. Some are slightly easy and others take a lot more work, but, if I'm sure of anything, this shall turn out to be one exciting year! XOXO.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Here Goes..

Everything? Nothing? A lot?
This feels like my world right now- super pretty but SO big!
So So So! many changes are happening at the moment that I can't even describe them all. Wonderful, amazing, fabulous, heart-attack-inducing, kickass, lovely changes! It's weird to finally take down my 110 in 2010 list but it is MUCH overdue. I'm trying to figure out my 21 before 21 list but narrowing things down is so terribly difficult. Perhaps I shall simply write a "Things-I-Want-To-Do-Sometime-In-The-Future" list?
Anyway, much is happening and I'm trying to stay on top of everything whilst keeping my head and heart and all in the right place. Looking forward to my next big moves.