Monday, August 1, 2011

Sweet Nothings: All Shook Up

And not just of the Elvis variety.. har har har. Har. Har?
Alright, lame joke, but for real. My life is so topsy-turvy right now, my clothes are still not unpacked, I'm trying to organize and organize and get everything well, organized. From school to money to vacations to the house, I've been thinking a lot and worrying a lot and doing a lot. And you see.. it's a lot. So I'm finally updating ya'll real fast with a couple little pictures. My Sweet Nothings for the week:
This is our room right after I moved all of my whatnots into it. If you can believe it, there's even more on the other side of the room. Eek! Most is unpacked and put away, but there's still a lot left to accomplish before it's up to my standards.
And our room after! Much better with the super industrial bookshelf that my parents got me. I can fit all of my books on just two shelves now with room to spare for knickknacks. Sorry about the ridiculously bad photo quality, I thought of this post last minute and our lighting in the room is less than stellar. You know you're a college kid when the main lighting in your room comes from upcycled Christmas lights!

I'm trying real hard to maintain a sense of girly and Viking balance in our room. My flowery pink quilt takes up quite a bit of the visual space, but his posters take up the majority of the wall space, so we're fairly even. One thing that won't be even? Our closet space. While his clothes fit on a few hangers and one hanging shelf and a small dresser, mine are currently taking up two thirds of the closet! I need to have a clothing intervention soon I suspect..
I've had a lot of free time here with no job yet and Taylor working and in class so much (added to my clothing purge procrastination), so I've been making friendship bracelets to keep my hands busy. They're so terribly easy once you figure the knots out. I love the tutorial on PurlBee for making them! Her's are so beautiful and such an inspiration.

Something else keeping me super busy around the internet? Pinterest! Such an amazing photo site, I love it for making boards and as a lovely idea keeper. Follow me and I'll return the favor!
I drove home over the weekend and encountered this massive storm. The power of nature constantly amazes me. (The weird reflections in the corner are my Ariel and duckie dashboard friends!)

I had such a wonderful time back in my home town. My parents and brother and I did so much and unfortunately I didn't take many pictures of my own. Thursday was Pat's Place Tuna Greek Salads (the best you'll ever have!) and lots of shopping, followed by homemade pizza with my dad's family. Friday was a long day with dentists and visits with old friends, then dinner at Skewers, a scrumptious Mediterranean restaurant beachside. Saturday we celebrated my Granma's 70th birthday at the Kiwi Tennis Club, complete with a delicious meal and good company and followed by a hilarious trip to Wendy's for Frosties and a ride on my dad's new Harley motorcycle! And now I'm back in my new home sweet Jacksonville apartment, staying up way too late writing this! I miss my cute little home on the internet, and really hope I'll get to write write write some more in these next few busy albeit exciting weeks.

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