Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Busy Bee

As always, I've neglected the one piece of the internet that I love so dearly. Too many of my blog posts start out like this, unfortunately. We moved houses at the end of May and have been ridiculously busy since then. Traveling back and forth, setting up the house to make it feel like a home, searching for jobs, dealing with car troubles and Pippa troubles (the latter of which is, thankfully, over with and our little girl is feeling much better).

This isn't to say I haven't had the time to do a quick update now and then, I just got out of the swing of things and it's been difficult to get back in. It makes me much sadder than it probably makes you, my lovely readers. I won't promise I'm back to blogging every week, but I'm definitely stepping up my game. I have an exciting plan for my tiny plot in internet city, and feel like I have to put in more effort to accomplish my goals.  This is purposefully vague.

In lieu of an actual post, I'm going to give you some of my favorite house related Instagrams. I'm calling them HouseGrams... Just go with me on this.

1) Pippa packed up and ready to go (with a fresh haircut to boot)! 2) Taylor and our new (rented) place. 3) The most gigantic bathroom mirror and the duck collection. 4) The closet I could live in. 5) Taylor's side of the room and how we spent a week watching Spartacus. 6) A new kitchen for new food -whipped cream!
It's a very happy home. I walked around for the first few weeks saying "You know, I really love (insert random point here) about the house." Everything from the giant closet to the gas stove, the big backyard to the little frogs that inhabit it. The house has good energy and I've found elderflowers in the backyard, a sign that the fairies are near. We also have a gorgeous crepe myrtle and a "pond" where turtles swim, but mosquitoes like crazy. I'm going to plant some mosquito repelling plants out there soon to see if that helps. It's been busy, but we're really enjoying ourselves and I'm loving having an empty canvas to decorate. Also, the designers of this house were genius -the lighting is wonderful! See, just one more thing to add to my I-Love-This-House List.

Possibly an outfit post soon? I have one that needs to be edited from a couple weeks  ago. We'll see. XOXO.