Monday, September 20, 2010

Phi Mu! Hell Yeah!

Yayyyy!! I accomplished one of my biggest One Hundred and Ten in Twenty Ten goals! Rush week aka Formal Recruitment began September 8th with Orientation. We (Yadira and I) went into a room with about 50 girls, met our Pi Chi's and learned all the ins-and-outs of Rushing. Thursday night we went out with a few other PNM's (Potential New Members) and the Pi Chi's for dinner at Applebee's.
Friday night was the start of the Rush parties: Phi Mu, then Alpha Omicron Pi, then Delta Zeta. I had a ton of fun the first night and my nerves flew out the window. The only thing I was terrified of at that point was not being called back to Saturday night's parties.
Night One Outfit
Night Two I went back to all three houses and had another amazing night meeting all the girls. At the end of it we had to write down our favorites in the order we wanted to go back to them on Pref night. I had a lot of awesome conversations, but I pretty much knew where I wanted to had back to...
 Night Two Outfit
Preference Night, or Pref night, was the final night before Bid Day and definitely the most exciting. We ventured off campus for the two parties, in my case DZ and then Phi Mu. I'm not gonna go into detail about the parties because I'm pretty sure they're kinda secret, but they were both amazing. At the end of the night we made Pref choices and waited until noon the next day to find out who picked us, too.
Pref Night Outfit
And finally, after what seemed like forever, we got our bids! PHI MU PHI MU ALRIGHT! I was fourth to last to get my bid (they gave them one-by-one, randomly) and so worried I wouldn't get my first choice. And I ran and skipped into the room to meet my awesome Phi Class!
Then we ALL ran out to meet our new sisters!

These Phi Mu ladies are absolutely wonderful in every way. I'm so glad we chose each other and can't wait until my Phi time is over so I can say I'm their sister in Phi Mu!
Inductions were this weekend and Mamma and John (who is home safe and sound from Iraq!) came to watch the ritual. Again, it's all Top Secret and I can't divulge, but just know that it was beautiful and I'm so happy to be a part of this organization. Side Note: I got voted VP of Phi Class 2010!
Love love love and lots of Lion-y and Ladybug kisses,