Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Make way 2009: Twenty Ten is on your tail!

   Twenty Oh Nine was a big year for me, however cliche that sounds. In February my boyfriend of two and a half years and I broke up. In March I turned the big One-Eight. May rolled around and I started dating Hunter and graduated high school with Honors. The summer was full of firsts, like finally getting my driving license! Once Fall was here, I was enrolled at university and diving headfirst into college. Four classes and much procrastination later, I came up with straight A's. (Applaud here!) I worked my tail off at the flower shop doing deliveries and trying to make enough money to fund my less than swanky lifestyle. And now, it's already halfway through Winter Break, can you believe it? My new laptop and Grand Am are just two of the highlights of this vacation. But tomorrow night? Tomorrow night is New Year's Eve already. When I look back I realize that this year flew by me. Proof of this? Just look at my status updates from Facebook:

   My point is, this year was so exciting. So many things occurred and I was put into tons of new, weird situations. It definitely feels like Oh Nine was a learning experience, to say the least. Through it all, I've managed to come out on top and become a better person.
   What will Twenty Ten hold for me? I do not know, but whatever is in store will be worth it. I'm already planning ahead for the new year: five college courses, Spring Break, Hunter's Graduation, Maymester courses, work work work, the summer trip to Boulder, Sophomore year in August. I'll probably be busier than ever, but 2009 has prepared me for whatever comes my way. Here's to a fabulous new year! XOXO.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Psstt.. Pass it on

  I bought the StarbucksLove CD at Starbucks a few weeks ago for Mamma and we absolutely love it! (No pun intended..) We also went on the website and made our own cute little pictures for the campaign. I may or may not find those again and share with you all.

  But without further ado, I must share with you one of the coolest videos of the year:

  How amazing is this!? A friend on Facebook posted it and (of course) I had to see what the deal was. And boy oh boy am I glad I did. This year was surprisingly a really good year in music I think. How about you dollface? Agree or disagree? Think about it: Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Kings of Leon, and Beyonce all in the Top 25. It was such a unique year for musical talents. There were so many different types of popular songs and I LOVE! when that happens. My musical taste is pretty eclectic, so it was a fabulous year for me.

  OH! And PS: MY DADDY AND SUZ BOUGHT ME A NEW CAR FOR CHRISTMAS! It's a gorgeousss Pontiac Grand Am in Bronze and I adore it. We got it registered today and technically I will be able to drive it at 12:01AM tonight when the insurance kicks in. I'm pretty tired, so I'm just gonna drive it out to the boyfriend's in the morning for breakfast with him (before he heads out to Miami to see Phish).


Friday, December 25, 2009

And to All a Good Night!

Merry Christmas!

  I may not be updating for a few days, so I'd like to wish everyone a very merry holiday, whichever you celebrate: Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Yule! All night I've been tracking Santa, and now that we've given cookies to him and even our trusty gate guards, I am headed to bed. Tomorrow I'm spending time with my family and opening presents, and Saturday I'm headed down to Florida to spend my vacation (and see that most adorable boyfriend I have for the first time in almost six months!) I've planned a holiday get-together at my house on the 29th, while Mister Hunter is out of town. On New Year's eve he'll be back from his Phish concert, and we'll gallivant around. I may or may not be dragging along this brick of a laptop, so posts will either be done on another computer or postponed until the 7th when I am back to my home sweet home. It's going to be so lovely to not have any deliveries but still be getting paid because of past deliveries the next couple weeks. I'm gonna feel so rich! Tonight however, (er, this morning now I guess) I shall be going to sleep so I can be fresh faced and cheerful in the morning to open presents. Ham and latkes in the afternoon will be our special treat! Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good night!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sweet Nothings: Puppies


Happy Sunday evening/almost Monday morning!
  I don't know about you, but I think puppies are some of the most adorable little creatures on Earth (only after bunnies I think.. cats are about equal). I love how much emotion you can see in them. You know when they're happy and when they think you're crazy and when they're upset. I've been trying to talk anyone who will listen into getting me a puppy for quite awhile now. I get the same answers: "Skye, you think poop is gross." "Skye, you can barely afford your own gas money at the moment." "Skye, they're a big responsibility." "Skye, they're so expensive!" "Skye, where will it live when you move out?" I do see all of the reasoning behind these however, and therefore, have not gotten a doggy for myself yet.
 I think the most exciting thing about having one (besides a dog being man's best friend and all) is getting to name it! You don't have to follow conventional naming rules with animals, so naming your cat Fursnickety (true story) is totally acceptable. Here's a quick list of animals that I remember having and there names:
  • Sailor Moon was a cat.
  • Bibbity and Bobbity were hamsters.
  • We had fish and turtles a few times, but I only remember Jackie, our Beta fish.
  • Molly, our dog in Kansas named after the Unsinkable Molly Brown on the Titanic. She used to catch snowflakes.
  • Elsmina (Mina), my gorgeous Siamese in NY. She had kittens, but we didn't keep them. It was horrible when she got sick and we had to put her to sleep. 
  • Buddy's our puppy we got in NY. Before Mamma and John left for Hawaii, they sent him to live at my grandma's, where he still lives.
  • Domino was Suz's cat before she married my dad. He lived outdoors and had been named everything from Oreo to Checkers by all of the neighbors. I remember when he carried in a bird from outside, and his ashes are in our TV cabinet.
  • Ellie was Mamma and John's cat in Hawaii.
  • Darwin was also there's and is now living with the wonderful Miss Debbie.
  • Remy is our cute puppy who spins in circles and is becoming an old man. His breath smells, but he's such a sweetie.
  • Pixie is our kitty. She likes to chase things and sneak outside and eat our grass. 
  • Fursnickety, Hunter, and Zeek live in Florida with my dad and Suz. They're all quite fat, but have a very loving family.
  Wow, I never realized how many pets I've had in my life. I don't think I would enjoy living in a house without another living being there with me. I talk to myself way to much to live totally alone. When I finally move out I figure I'll at least need a fish, more preferably a dog or a cat though. I helped my ex care for a deformed bunny once who was so adorable, I wouldn't mind one of them either. (Not a deformed one though, it was too terribly sad when it died. It's name was Thermopoli or Themistocles or something, I never could get it right.) It's nice to be able to come home and sit on the couch and watch TV with a cute furry thing by your side. Somehow they seem to make everything better. It's as if they look and you and say "Really Skye, life isn't all that bad; you have me" and then all of your troubles just become insignificant. XOXO.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

What was that?

I got straight A's my first semester of college? Well aren't I a smarty pants!

  First semester down, bunches more to go. Honestly, I'm just absolutely excited to start back up again come Spring. It was a pretty tough semester, but nothing I can't handle. Procrastination was probably too large of a theme this semester though. I pinky promise I will try better this next term! Straight A's should only be followed by straight A's... or at least A's and B's.

To show you my enthusiasm, I give you a list of Spring's classes with corresponding photographs (from WeHeartIt of course) and elaborate explanations on why I feel I need these courses: 

 Elementary French Deux: Well, it would make Madame proud, pour une. Et aussi, j'adore Francais. I took four years of it in high school, and I figure I shouldn't let that go to waste. Plus, France is in my top five list of Place I Want To Travel To, so I have to learn the language (at least enough to get me by and allow me to order du pain). I'm wishing and hoping and dreaming of heading to Paris in a few years to study abroad. Sigh!

Philosophy: Alright, really, I may just want to feel like a smarty. Oh you're taking another PE class? Well I'm in philosophy reading Plato and contemplating the existence of humankind. You know, no biggy. For real though, I'm fascinated by those hard questions and know I'll actually learn something in this class, even if the reading kills me.

English 1102: To be blunt and make a long story short: I have to.

World History to 1500: I kept debating between before 1500 and after, and finally settled on the former. Before 1500 just seems so much more interesting: Egypt, Greece, the Crusades, the Renaissance, etc!

2D Design: I am terrified of this class, I must admit. I'm creative, yes, but I tend to need inspiration. I'm scared the Prof will be all "Draw me an apple in a basket and then turn it into a computer design!" (complete with nun-like voice and possibly a whip, or at least a large ruler). I couldn't tell you why I'm so worried about it, I just have a feeling I'm getting in over my head. But! I shall carry on, for this is the class I must pass in order to take photography courses in the future.

  We shall see the week of January 11th whether my expectations were met (or surpassed, hopefully). I'll most definitely be writing a "How My First Week Went" article. Oh dear, it's one thirty in the morning again! Where do my days go? I'll be off to dream land now I suppose, XOXO.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Happy Happy Winter Break!

Winter Break is hereee. 
I think I should sing a song. 
Fa La La La Laaaa.

  I hope you enjoyed that haiku celebrating the end of my first semester as a college kid and the beginning of my Winter Break. I know I sure did! XOXO.

Monday, December 14, 2009

We Interrupt this Study Session to bring you..

10. Postmodern themes such as simulated worlds, alternate realities, futuristic worlds, and the "weirdness in everyday life" are illustrated in which of the following films?
A)                the Star Wars trilogy
B)                The Lord of the Rings
C)                The Matrix trilogy
D)                Napoleon Dynamite
E)                all the above

  This question is taken straight from the pages of a Practice Test for a University level Anthropology test. Yes viewers, our network does see the correlation between this question and anthropology. Our big WTF moment, however, is that our reporter NEVER remembers learning this. Was she asleep? Did she decide doodling was more fun? How could she have missed her Professor talking about alternate realities and weirdness and LOTR!? 

  In other news, our anchor is procrastinating again and may very well be losing her mind. Back to you. XOXO.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sweet Nothings: Libraries


  Every since I was a wee little girl, I had a craving to read. I would sound out letters on anything: street signs, cereal boxes, receipts, and eventually books. I distinctly remember when I learned to read upside down, like my teachers all could. I felt so special that I had taught myself a skill that seemed so difficult to others. It was a story about bunnies. Maybe that's why I think I'd be such a good teacher...
   In third grade, our class had a competition of sorts to see who read the most each month. We would read, log our hours, and have our parents sign off on them to make sure we didn't cheat. Our prize if we met our goal: a free kid's size pizza at Pizza Hut. I was always competing with one boy in my class for the title of Class Smarty Pants. One weekend I was miserably sick and stayed home from school for a day. The Harry Potter books had just been sent to me by my Nana and PopPop, and I was devouring them. Harry, Ron, and Hermione had become my sick buddies and I spent the entire weekend lying in bed with the third book. I finished it in three days. My mom signed my log book, in which I had almost 48 hours of reading. I went to school the next day, very proud to hand in my hours to my teacher and secure my title as Class Smarty Pants. To my terrible surprise, my teacher frowned at me and told me she would have to call my mom! She didn't believe that a little third grader could have read so much in such a short period of time. (Especially of a large big kid book like Harry Potter.) Distraught, I talked to my mommy and told her the situation, and she cleared it up with my teacher. I'm pretty sure I got a couple free pizza's because of it, and I'm positive the other smart boy was very jealous. I bet he never read an entire book in one weekend!
  Sadly, I just don't have the time anymore to read like I used to, but I still adore anything literary. Any chance I get, I will wander around bookstores and libraries. The majority of the time I spend a couple dollars on coffee and don't even buy any books, yet it's still one of my favorite pastimes. I'm looking forward to eventually exploring our city library; it's huge! Senior year I had to do volunteer hours to get a scholarship, so my choice of venue was (you guessed it!) the library. Shelving books in the children's section was a blast, and made me add Librarian to the list of careers I'd love to have when I grow up. If I was a librarian, I could read upside down to cute kids all the time!


All photos from WeHeartIt

You Set My Soul Alive

USC's Reverse Osmosis A Capella group

  Love this song anyway, but how amazing is this group?! I simply started out on that terrible time-waster called YouTube watching a super adorable little Asian boy sing "I'm Yours" and play his ukulele. This little kid plays ukulele better than I do! I then made the mistake of searching related videos and have spent the last hour watching cute kids and A Capella groups. Oh YouTube, you're going to be my procrastinating downfall one of these days.
  I've been pretty busy this last week, despite having four days off of class. I'm totally done with English and FYRS (first year seminar, where I made sock puppets and watched movies) classes. One more day to go for my Anthropology exam and my Theatre Appreciation exam. The former should be pretty easy, all multiple choice and we get a practice test. The latter, well, let's just say I'm a bit frightened. She barely went over what would be on the test. And by barely, I mean all she said was "It's going to be like the last one, but be ready for there to be questions from the midterm and anything from the second half." Meaning, you know, be ready for anything. I'm gonna start some hardcore studying tomorrow.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Live Your Life

  Class of 2009's song was Live Your Life by TI and Rihanna. I must admit, I was disappointed at first. Really?! We're gonna have a song about "paper chasers" with the Numa Numa song stuck in there randomly as our class song? For real? That's what we want to be remembered for? Ehh, oh well. I hated it for awhile, but have finally come to terms with the poor song. I figure that I might as well like it since it's not gonna change. When it came on the radio the other day, I actually turned the volume up rather than down.
  All of this thinking about Senior Songs made me start thinking about Senior Prom. That night was possibly one of my best moments in all of high school. My outfit was amazing. It was unique, gorgeous, my favorite colors, and I never wanted to take it off. I felt like a Barbie doll. Or a giant cupcake!

  Look how flouncy my skirt is! And how big my silk corsage is! It was honestly an amazing ensemble to wear. Mamma found the dress at Ross for under 40$. The shoes were found by my stepmom, Suz, for around 30$, the corsage Mamma made for under 10$, ditto with the necklace. I had already owned the pink tutu that I wore underneath my dress. Overall, I spent much less that 100$, and it turned out to be my favorite outfit of all time.
  On top of feeling like a Princess, I was finally realizing that I liked the Mister. I wish I had gotten more pictures of us, because we both looked really cute.

  Before he realized that all that dancing with him and sitting next to him and whatnot was actually me falling in love with him. It would take us another week before we actually starting texting every day, and then a couple more before we took the plunge.

But just look at those sunglasses! They're gorgeous baby girl pink and heart shaped and I insisted on wearing them indoors for most of the evening. Finally, I leave you with the first Polyvore post I did, which is basically a repeat of my lovely Prom '09 clothes.


But Baby, It's Cold Outside

  Christmas has not always been my favorite holiday; it only hit the Number 1 spot this year. I can't really explain the change of heart I've had. I suppose it is because I finally get to see the Mister at Christmastime. Possibly because I realized how much I love the food and decorating and shopping. More than likely because I'll get to travel around and pack a suitcase this year and get out of the Peach State that doesn't even have peach Christmas ornaments.
  Really, what kind of state are you that you don't even carry ornaments that have to do with your state!? Florida always had at least one Christmas Santa in ridiculous tourist clothes, and snowmen standing next to flamingos and palm trees. All Mamma and I can find here are ornaments with bulldogs and big red A's. Ohh how I miss living in a normal state.

  This year my Christmas style is pretty simple. I only really have my little room to decorate, and so far all I have is a tiny pink tree with Princess decorations and my unique "Christmas Eiffel Tower". I'm probably going to add fairy lights somewhere, possibly inside of the birdhouse behind my bed. I also want to add mosquito netting to some part of my room, so I'm on the lookout for the perfect one. I had planned on buying a larger tree for my room, but haven't found one for a cheap enough price tag yet. More than likely, I'll wait until all of the after-holiday sales. Lately, I've fallen in love with the color lavender and all of the beautiful lavender decorations, so I may be incorporating that into my decorating somehow.

 A pink tree and a unicorn and a silhouette? Count me in!
  Our downstairs has just one baby tree, which we've desperately been trying to fix. The base of the poor thing snapped, and now it leans sideways like the Tower of Pisa. It's not too terrible to look at, but then the cat jumps onto the table and it totally topples over. We'd get a real tree, but then we'd have to find a place for it, find the base, find more ornaments and lights. Instead, we bought a batch of evergreen branches and Mamma made arrangements with those. We've got a Mistletoe candle downstairs too, which smells like Christmas trees and the holidays. It's funny, John (who rarely likes the candles Mamma and I pick) adores the Mistletoe one. Mamma told him it was "Mistlefoot" and he went around calling it that for a few days before she told him the real name.
  We lost John one night in Micheal's a few weeks ago. As usual, we assumed he had gone to the car and was tired of shopping with us. Our phone's don't work in the store though, so Mamma and I just wandered around hoping we'd find him. After about fifteen minutes of searching (and getting very distracted by all of the gorgeous stuff in there), we found John down the Christmas Village aisle. He was pressing every button he could, looking at each tiny house and listening to all of the Christmas music. We were surprised that he loved the little villages so much. Mamma found one from a few years ago in her Christmas boxes, and I got John one from the Flower Shop, so now we're starting our own cute collection!

I hope our collection will look this amazing one day! I really want to go buy all of the mini trees and the special fake snow now. The Mister just texted me (texting is sadly our main form of communication at the moment) to say "Did you know we're going to see each other in about 19 days?" I am so excited for Winter Break to start on the 16th, and way excited to see my love on the 26th. Let's count down to Christmas! What are you excited about this year?

Make one!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy Birthday To Youuuuu!

Happy Birthday, Cory!
   My Baby Brother turned 16 today. I wish I could sit here and tell you a sob story about how we were the perfect siblings and always played well together, but that wasn't always the case. Cory and I, we used to fight like cats and dogs. I'm talking hair pulling, punching, kicking, the whole nine yards. It was always slightly comical though, because for years I was bigger than he was and could beat him up. Then all of a sudden one day, he had a growth spurt. Now, my little "baby" brother isn't such a baby anymore. The picture is almost a year old now, and since then he's probably grown another three or four inches. It was then that I realized he could beat ME up now!
  Even though we did bicker a lot when we were younger, we quickly went right back to being best friends. Some of my best memories involve Cory.
SUCH AS: playing in cardboard boxes (minus the head injuries); straightening his bangs for him; beating up a much larger boy (more about that story later possibly) because he was threatening Cory; staying up late at night Christmas Eve telling him "No Cory, Santa is totally real" so he would still believe; trying to calm him down when he was drugged up on anesthesia and screaming profanities at the top of his lungs; riding the bus with him and trying to run to catch up to him when he'd yell at me for almost making him late; telling him stories about fairies that live in the air conditioner; snow boarding on the hill in our backyard and exploring in NY; falling into a stream while exploring in NY; stealing Ice Bat back and forth; "dancing" with him when we'd kick each other; playing on the dirt piles when the new houses in our neighborhood were being built; Puffy Stew; Cory asking me for fashion advice "Does this match?"; having his nose almost cut off, breaking his arm Pogo-sticking off a skateboard ramp, head injuries in a box, and always being there to make him better and pretend to be the Mommy. 
  I love my brother, and I'm so proud of him. He's a genius when it comes to building things and fixing things. He knows everything about military planes and loves to watch Spongebob and SouthPark with me. He's goofy and knows how to make me laugh when I need it, and he always tells me like it is. I hope he had a great birthday today. [: XOXO!

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

  Sorry, I had to ask. I finally went to go see New Moon last night, and, against my better judgment, it reinstalled my love for all things Twilight.
  If you've been living under a rock for the last couple of years or don't know any preteen girls, New Moon is the second installment of Stephanie Meyer's fantasy series about this girl Bella who falls in love with a vampire (Edward). Edward's "family" is a group of "good" vampires who don't feed on human blood. Bella is also friends with a group of werewolves, most notably her childhood friend, Jacob. The books start with Twilight, who's movie came out last year. Then you have New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. And there you have it, now you're all updated!

  The biggest debate throughout the novels is whether Bella should be with Edward or Jacob. It's also what the biggest debate is in New Moon. If you're usually a "Team Edward", be warned. You WILL start to have feelings for the "Team Jacob" side if you go to see New Moon. I was actually surprised with myself. I've been hearing that many many people like Edward better in the books, but Jacob better in the movie. Now I know why. Little boy Jake has grown-up since the last movie. And by grow-up, I mean has a six-pack and biceps that made me swoon. Honestly, I felt bad for Bella. How do you choose between that and Edward?!
  So really, Team Edward or Team Jacob? Or are you like me now, and can't choose?! Or do you seriously dislike them all and are tired of the phenomenon?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving!

   I hope everyone's having a lovely day, whether you're in the USA or not. I wish I had a larger appetite, but for now I'm just waiting for the PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE! Yes, you heard right. Mamma was actually wanting to purchase a normal pumpkin pie, but there were none to be found in the commisary. She was forced to give in to my Jedi Mind Tricks and buy me a pumpkin cheesecake. Cheesecake combined with pumpkin pie is probably my new favorite dessert of all time. Deeee-licious!

   But of course, let us not forget that Thanksgiving is a day to be thankful, not just gorge ourselves on pie and turkey. So, here goes my list:
1. Yummy food.
2. Good health.
3. A roof over my head (AKA not having to be in a dorm room).
4. Being able to spend Thanksgiving with Mamma and John.
5. My boyfriend who I will get to see in another month!
6. My amazing family.
7. Music.
8. Books. Especially delicious ones that I can curl up with now that it's cold.
9. My computer.
10. Christmas presents!
11. Making a list of things I want to accomplish.
12. Finding le tour Eiffel de Noel!
I'm so en amour with life at the moment. XOXO[: