Monday, December 14, 2009

We Interrupt this Study Session to bring you..

10. Postmodern themes such as simulated worlds, alternate realities, futuristic worlds, and the "weirdness in everyday life" are illustrated in which of the following films?
A)                the Star Wars trilogy
B)                The Lord of the Rings
C)                The Matrix trilogy
D)                Napoleon Dynamite
E)                all the above

  This question is taken straight from the pages of a Practice Test for a University level Anthropology test. Yes viewers, our network does see the correlation between this question and anthropology. Our big WTF moment, however, is that our reporter NEVER remembers learning this. Was she asleep? Did she decide doodling was more fun? How could she have missed her Professor talking about alternate realities and weirdness and LOTR!? 

  In other news, our anchor is procrastinating again and may very well be losing her mind. Back to you. XOXO.

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