Sunday, December 20, 2009

What was that?

I got straight A's my first semester of college? Well aren't I a smarty pants!

  First semester down, bunches more to go. Honestly, I'm just absolutely excited to start back up again come Spring. It was a pretty tough semester, but nothing I can't handle. Procrastination was probably too large of a theme this semester though. I pinky promise I will try better this next term! Straight A's should only be followed by straight A's... or at least A's and B's.

To show you my enthusiasm, I give you a list of Spring's classes with corresponding photographs (from WeHeartIt of course) and elaborate explanations on why I feel I need these courses: 

 Elementary French Deux: Well, it would make Madame proud, pour une. Et aussi, j'adore Francais. I took four years of it in high school, and I figure I shouldn't let that go to waste. Plus, France is in my top five list of Place I Want To Travel To, so I have to learn the language (at least enough to get me by and allow me to order du pain). I'm wishing and hoping and dreaming of heading to Paris in a few years to study abroad. Sigh!

Philosophy: Alright, really, I may just want to feel like a smarty. Oh you're taking another PE class? Well I'm in philosophy reading Plato and contemplating the existence of humankind. You know, no biggy. For real though, I'm fascinated by those hard questions and know I'll actually learn something in this class, even if the reading kills me.

English 1102: To be blunt and make a long story short: I have to.

World History to 1500: I kept debating between before 1500 and after, and finally settled on the former. Before 1500 just seems so much more interesting: Egypt, Greece, the Crusades, the Renaissance, etc!

2D Design: I am terrified of this class, I must admit. I'm creative, yes, but I tend to need inspiration. I'm scared the Prof will be all "Draw me an apple in a basket and then turn it into a computer design!" (complete with nun-like voice and possibly a whip, or at least a large ruler). I couldn't tell you why I'm so worried about it, I just have a feeling I'm getting in over my head. But! I shall carry on, for this is the class I must pass in order to take photography courses in the future.

  We shall see the week of January 11th whether my expectations were met (or surpassed, hopefully). I'll most definitely be writing a "How My First Week Went" article. Oh dear, it's one thirty in the morning again! Where do my days go? I'll be off to dream land now I suppose, XOXO.

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