Monday, December 7, 2009

But Baby, It's Cold Outside

  Christmas has not always been my favorite holiday; it only hit the Number 1 spot this year. I can't really explain the change of heart I've had. I suppose it is because I finally get to see the Mister at Christmastime. Possibly because I realized how much I love the food and decorating and shopping. More than likely because I'll get to travel around and pack a suitcase this year and get out of the Peach State that doesn't even have peach Christmas ornaments.
  Really, what kind of state are you that you don't even carry ornaments that have to do with your state!? Florida always had at least one Christmas Santa in ridiculous tourist clothes, and snowmen standing next to flamingos and palm trees. All Mamma and I can find here are ornaments with bulldogs and big red A's. Ohh how I miss living in a normal state.

  This year my Christmas style is pretty simple. I only really have my little room to decorate, and so far all I have is a tiny pink tree with Princess decorations and my unique "Christmas Eiffel Tower". I'm probably going to add fairy lights somewhere, possibly inside of the birdhouse behind my bed. I also want to add mosquito netting to some part of my room, so I'm on the lookout for the perfect one. I had planned on buying a larger tree for my room, but haven't found one for a cheap enough price tag yet. More than likely, I'll wait until all of the after-holiday sales. Lately, I've fallen in love with the color lavender and all of the beautiful lavender decorations, so I may be incorporating that into my decorating somehow.

 A pink tree and a unicorn and a silhouette? Count me in!
  Our downstairs has just one baby tree, which we've desperately been trying to fix. The base of the poor thing snapped, and now it leans sideways like the Tower of Pisa. It's not too terrible to look at, but then the cat jumps onto the table and it totally topples over. We'd get a real tree, but then we'd have to find a place for it, find the base, find more ornaments and lights. Instead, we bought a batch of evergreen branches and Mamma made arrangements with those. We've got a Mistletoe candle downstairs too, which smells like Christmas trees and the holidays. It's funny, John (who rarely likes the candles Mamma and I pick) adores the Mistletoe one. Mamma told him it was "Mistlefoot" and he went around calling it that for a few days before she told him the real name.
  We lost John one night in Micheal's a few weeks ago. As usual, we assumed he had gone to the car and was tired of shopping with us. Our phone's don't work in the store though, so Mamma and I just wandered around hoping we'd find him. After about fifteen minutes of searching (and getting very distracted by all of the gorgeous stuff in there), we found John down the Christmas Village aisle. He was pressing every button he could, looking at each tiny house and listening to all of the Christmas music. We were surprised that he loved the little villages so much. Mamma found one from a few years ago in her Christmas boxes, and I got John one from the Flower Shop, so now we're starting our own cute collection!

I hope our collection will look this amazing one day! I really want to go buy all of the mini trees and the special fake snow now. The Mister just texted me (texting is sadly our main form of communication at the moment) to say "Did you know we're going to see each other in about 19 days?" I am so excited for Winter Break to start on the 16th, and way excited to see my love on the 26th. Let's count down to Christmas! What are you excited about this year?

Make one!

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