Monday, December 7, 2009

Live Your Life

  Class of 2009's song was Live Your Life by TI and Rihanna. I must admit, I was disappointed at first. Really?! We're gonna have a song about "paper chasers" with the Numa Numa song stuck in there randomly as our class song? For real? That's what we want to be remembered for? Ehh, oh well. I hated it for awhile, but have finally come to terms with the poor song. I figure that I might as well like it since it's not gonna change. When it came on the radio the other day, I actually turned the volume up rather than down.
  All of this thinking about Senior Songs made me start thinking about Senior Prom. That night was possibly one of my best moments in all of high school. My outfit was amazing. It was unique, gorgeous, my favorite colors, and I never wanted to take it off. I felt like a Barbie doll. Or a giant cupcake!

  Look how flouncy my skirt is! And how big my silk corsage is! It was honestly an amazing ensemble to wear. Mamma found the dress at Ross for under 40$. The shoes were found by my stepmom, Suz, for around 30$, the corsage Mamma made for under 10$, ditto with the necklace. I had already owned the pink tutu that I wore underneath my dress. Overall, I spent much less that 100$, and it turned out to be my favorite outfit of all time.
  On top of feeling like a Princess, I was finally realizing that I liked the Mister. I wish I had gotten more pictures of us, because we both looked really cute.

  Before he realized that all that dancing with him and sitting next to him and whatnot was actually me falling in love with him. It would take us another week before we actually starting texting every day, and then a couple more before we took the plunge.

But just look at those sunglasses! They're gorgeous baby girl pink and heart shaped and I insisted on wearing them indoors for most of the evening. Finally, I leave you with the first Polyvore post I did, which is basically a repeat of my lovely Prom '09 clothes.


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