Monday, December 21, 2009

Sweet Nothings: Puppies


Happy Sunday evening/almost Monday morning!
  I don't know about you, but I think puppies are some of the most adorable little creatures on Earth (only after bunnies I think.. cats are about equal). I love how much emotion you can see in them. You know when they're happy and when they think you're crazy and when they're upset. I've been trying to talk anyone who will listen into getting me a puppy for quite awhile now. I get the same answers: "Skye, you think poop is gross." "Skye, you can barely afford your own gas money at the moment." "Skye, they're a big responsibility." "Skye, they're so expensive!" "Skye, where will it live when you move out?" I do see all of the reasoning behind these however, and therefore, have not gotten a doggy for myself yet.
 I think the most exciting thing about having one (besides a dog being man's best friend and all) is getting to name it! You don't have to follow conventional naming rules with animals, so naming your cat Fursnickety (true story) is totally acceptable. Here's a quick list of animals that I remember having and there names:
  • Sailor Moon was a cat.
  • Bibbity and Bobbity were hamsters.
  • We had fish and turtles a few times, but I only remember Jackie, our Beta fish.
  • Molly, our dog in Kansas named after the Unsinkable Molly Brown on the Titanic. She used to catch snowflakes.
  • Elsmina (Mina), my gorgeous Siamese in NY. She had kittens, but we didn't keep them. It was horrible when she got sick and we had to put her to sleep. 
  • Buddy's our puppy we got in NY. Before Mamma and John left for Hawaii, they sent him to live at my grandma's, where he still lives.
  • Domino was Suz's cat before she married my dad. He lived outdoors and had been named everything from Oreo to Checkers by all of the neighbors. I remember when he carried in a bird from outside, and his ashes are in our TV cabinet.
  • Ellie was Mamma and John's cat in Hawaii.
  • Darwin was also there's and is now living with the wonderful Miss Debbie.
  • Remy is our cute puppy who spins in circles and is becoming an old man. His breath smells, but he's such a sweetie.
  • Pixie is our kitty. She likes to chase things and sneak outside and eat our grass. 
  • Fursnickety, Hunter, and Zeek live in Florida with my dad and Suz. They're all quite fat, but have a very loving family.
  Wow, I never realized how many pets I've had in my life. I don't think I would enjoy living in a house without another living being there with me. I talk to myself way to much to live totally alone. When I finally move out I figure I'll at least need a fish, more preferably a dog or a cat though. I helped my ex care for a deformed bunny once who was so adorable, I wouldn't mind one of them either. (Not a deformed one though, it was too terribly sad when it died. It's name was Thermopoli or Themistocles or something, I never could get it right.) It's nice to be able to come home and sit on the couch and watch TV with a cute furry thing by your side. Somehow they seem to make everything better. It's as if they look and you and say "Really Skye, life isn't all that bad; you have me" and then all of your troubles just become insignificant. XOXO.

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