Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oh my beautiful baby blog!

   How I have missed your sweetness the last few weeks month! Seriously, I haven't posted because I've been so gosh dang busy. Between crazy work hours, school, laundry, Charlotte, etc. I've been nonstop since I got home from Spring Break. Which I suppose is a good thing considering it made the time go by very quickly and now it is only two weeks until I'm back with my other half. Swoon!

Alrighty, so let's take a real quick lookie-lu through the things I've crossed off or almost crossed off of my list. This might help me feel a tad more accomplished right now:

6. Go to Disney: Check!

8. Go to Boulder, CO: Tickets are purchased and ready to go! Sooo it's In Process.

15. Buy a calligraphy pen and learn how to use it: In Process! Hunter's Mommy bought me the set and I've played with it, but need more practice.

16. Get a puppy: Check check and triple check! AloooooHA Miss Charlotte!

26. Go to a bonfire: Checked over Spring Break.

28. Take Remi/new puppy for more walks: Check! We walk all the time, even if it's just to the mailbox.

30. Find the perfect "LBD": Supercheck! Not only was it on sale, it's a Rodarte for Target piece. Sorry this is the best picture we got of it with just moi!

35. Revamp my underwear collection: SO superchecked it's not even funny. If it weren't indecent I would totally post pictures of them, they're so cute!

37. Grow out my nails enough to get a manicure: It's official! I haven't seriously bitten my nails since February!

I know I've attempted more so far, but figured I'd get my list of major things I've crossed off written out. Now it's off to bed for me, I'm going to be super busy this next week or so until summer. Two more week two more weeks!! XOXO.