Saturday, October 29, 2011

Boo from Me to You!

   The boyfriend and I are headed out this evening to Melbourne and I wanted to wish you a very Happy Halloween Weekend! Eat lots of candy and dress cutely for me! Taylor is being an Irish rugby player and I'm going to be his leprechaun, we're dressing up for our downtown street party. Pinky promise I'll post pictures as soon as I get a chance.
   I've already decorated most of the house (I can't even imagine how ridiculous it shall get for Christmas!) and the little banner above is one of my favorites. It was super cheap at Target, I want to say only few dollars, and it looks so sweet at the top of our stairs. I've also decorated the entire front window and have a pumpkin full of candy ready and waiting for precious little vampires and princesses on Monday. This big kid decorating and candy-giving is much more fun than I could have imagined.
   And this is my pride and joy! The wall that had been decorated for Taylor's birthday is now decorated as a Halloween wonderland! Sometimes I just like to decorate things for the crafting of it, and this is no exception. I took down the balloons and the walls looked so bare- I was practically forced redecorate.
   Finally my dear buttercups, I'll leave you with a little freebie that I made this year. It's made to fit my computer screen settings, but it shouldn't be too terrible looking if it's on your screen.
Just click and "Set as desktop background!
Be super spooky and I hope you get the good candy! XOXO.

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