Saturday, September 17, 2011

Shopaholics Anonymous

I've finally gotten my refund money from the University and have been so terribly good at not spending it on frivolous things. So good in fact, that I was feeling weird for not spending any money- the boyfriend and I went to the mall and I did not buy a single thing. Not a thing. We were there for three hours! The money is supposed to last me for awhile, but before I had gotten it I told myself I'd take a little out and spend a tiny bit on myself, that way I wouldn't go spending crazy the first time I went out into civilization. Finally, after a couple weeks of complaining that I hadn't bought anything, I took my 50$ budget and decided to head to Target on a night when the boyfriend was at rugby practice. Here is the story of that lovely shopping trip:
Sometimes I pose on top of ottomans in our extra room with the windows. At night. When the lighting sucks. With my phone which doesn't take super great pictures. Kind of a fail.
7:30 PM: Drive to Target, hoping they're open until at least 9 PM. Find a decent parking spot. Walk into the store and look at the dollar section. Don't even pick up one item. Sad face.
8:00 PM: Wander through the clothing, finding a couple things I like but nothing worth buying. Try on a super cute pair of boots, decide they're not really what I'm looking for.
8:15 PM: Find the Halloween section. Rejoice! Decide I don't actually want to decorate until October. See candy corn. Walk ALL the way to the other side of the store to find a smaller bag, find out they don't have any smaller bags, procede to walk ALL the way back to get the massive "Value" sized bag. Smell it a lot, because candy corn smell is amazing.
Bow headband and Candy Corn!
8:30 PM: About to leave with just my candy corn and decide to walk to the toys. Think about how I can't play Words With Friends because I don't have a fancy iPhone. Lightbulb Moment when I realize I could just buy Scrabble and force the boyfriend to play with me. Pick up Scrabble off the shelf and almost jump up and down. Conjure up a plan to make it a surprise from Cupid, complete with a cute note!
"Love, Cupid" Taylor thought it was interesting that Cupid and I have really similar handwriting. I said I thought we must have gone to Elementary school together. 
I won 283-263! Super proud of some of those words.
8:45 PM: Walk back to the front of the store, detouring through the accessories section, trying to buy at least one thing that will be really useful and slightly frivolous. Find a headband with a giant bow and plaid. Decide that I need an outfit to go with it. Wander the clothes again.
Headband! Wearing it kind of sideways so that the bow is on top.
9:15 PM: Finally decide on a black skirt and a blue shirt (over a plain black dress, jeans, stripey shirt, etc.) and get excited over wearing it to class on Friday. (Friday's are my favorite class days and always end up being date lunches for me and Taylor Frank, so I like to dress up.) Head back to the dollar section, find some cute hair ties. Pay and head home, where I proceed to try everything on and take some of these cute pictures.
10:30 PM the next night: Make my cutie patootie boyfriend take pictures of my outfit. He told me that if I put them up on my blog I had to site him or else it would be plagiarism HA!. So here you go sweet pea: Pictures of my outfit were taken by Taylor.
P.S. My bum looks amazing in this skirt. Trust me, I checked myself out a TON.
Hope you enjoyed my picture heavy, somewhat silly post tonight. Boyfriend is out with the rugby boys  (Deadbirds won again!) so I'm here writing, homeworking, and watching crappy TV. We're headed out of town tomorrow to meet two parts of my sorority family for lunch (EEK so excited!), so I'm staying in drinking orange juice so I'm ready to drive. Back to being lazy now- XO, Skye.

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