Monday, September 19, 2011

"Are you gonna put this on your blog?"

Yes honey, yes I am. You are cute and sweet and I love you for traveling with me to see my sorority family and my family-family! So you deserve to be featured here, too.

We had a cute adventure out of town today. First we drove a long long way and talked about gun control, vampires, and time travel. Our thoughts on these were hilarious and they kept us busy drinking our coffee the entire way to meet my sorority family. We met Big and GGBig for lunch at Applebee's and had such a lovely time! There are some super cute pictures but (alas!) they're on Big's camera. It was so nice to see them and catch up! Then we headed out to the Ten Acre Woods for a little extra food, cake, and good conversation with KDK and the gang. Again- lovely! Once we were good and full, we headed back home with a drive consisting of talk about what we would decorate future kid's rooms as and Taylor giving me the Best Idea Ever of making a bed look like an Ariel clam shell and having it sing every time you open and close it. I about wrecked the car from excitement because, well... I wanted that bed for myself. Ha!

I had such a nice day visiting with everyone and it was really wonderful to get out of town for a bit. It's amazing how rejuvenating it can be to leave your town for a few. You come back and you're so happy to crawl into your own comfy bed. Speaking of which, that bed is kind of calling my name right now. XO.

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