Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Blah blah blahdy, uh what?

I'm sick. Not dreadfully ill or anything, but my throat has been killing me, I've been ridiculously tired and (like most times when I get sick) my brain has ceased to function.

Example One: Amorous Squid Seeks Partner: Any Sex Will Do
     Taylor's car was broken this morning, so we had to carpool to class. Today that meant that I got to sit in on a couple of his classes and on the way to one, I picked up this newspaper. After class, he picked it up and read me the title of that article. I, being absolutely brainless by this point, SER. IOUS. LY. looked at the big picture of the dancer next to it and thought he was searching for a dance partner and that his name was Amorous Squid! How in the world I made that connection, I cannot say.

Example TwoNot Really My Silly Statement, But Too Good to Pass Up
     Rihanna's "Cheers (Drink to That)" came on the radio as we were driving to get the boyfriend's car. Sarcastic Me: "Maybe I'll just go home and drink myself into a stupor and that will make me feel better. I'll drink to that- yeah-e-yeahhh." To which Taylor responds: "Well alcohol kills germs so it'd probably make you feel better." It made me giggle but I'd love to actually research it and see if it holds any truth!

Where in The World is Carmen SanDiego?
Example Three: Carmen Electra/SanDiego
     Well we're watching Attack of the Show on G4, and they show a preview of their interview with Carmen Electra where she is lifting her shirt up. Taylor had missed it so I go "Oh gosh, Carmen SanDiego is taking... Crap." and burst into a giggle fit lasting at least five minutes. It takes all of my willpower to stop laughing and explain to him, as he's going "What about Carmen SanDiego? Huh??", that I did not mean SanDiego and I definitely meant Carmen Electra. Why do I love him? He just goes "You do know Carmen SanDeigo wears a trench coat right?" Right.

Now I'm sitting in bed trying to control my out of hand social media- Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, etc. etc. etc. I know, such a hard life! I'm also drinking some delicious Refresh Tazo Tea and eating toast. Feeling better is kind of my top priority right now, my brain really needs that help. XO.

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