Friday, May 20, 2011

Stealing is bad.

Which is why I'm gonna go ahead and link to all of the places I found images, stock, etc. for redoing my cutesy bloggy. Thanks goes out to all of these talented people for so kindly giving their work to people like me for free!

The Graphics Fairy

Pugly Pixel- So super cute and so many freebies!

MellowMint from deviantART.

And! I used Picnik and FotoFlexer to edit everything (bounced back and forth would be a better way of putting this). Both photo editing sites are free, they just have different features I like so I mix and match. Most fonts I use come free from DaFont or are found via the two editors. SO happy with how everything came out and can't even say how excited I am to start blogging again. I've neglected my baby for far too long. XO.

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