Thursday, May 19, 2011

21 Before 21

Finally (Finally!) I've decided on twenty-one tasks I want to accomplish before my 21st birthday rolls around next March. A lot of things have occurred since March of this year and I've been horrendous to my poor blog, neglecting it until just yesterday. BUT! That shall change, I pinky promise. So here it is, the official (may possibly change again but probably not) list:
  1. Pet a llama.
  2. Go to Hogwarts.
  3. Gamble at a Casino.
  4. Buy and play a ukulele.
  5. Have a picnic.
  6. Go to St. Augustine.
  7. Plan my 21st Vegas Trip.
  8. Bake a rainbow layer cake.
  9. Get an iPhone.
  10. Go to NYC.
  11. Perfect one dinner recipe.
  12. Go to at least one big museum.
  13. See a fortune teller.
  14. Visit NASA.
  15. Finish my Ariel cross-stitch.
  16. Eat a yummy banana Split.
  17. All A’s and B’s in my classes.
  18. Find Sailor Moon on DVD.
  19. Camp in a tent.
  20. Revamp my clothing collection.
  21. Buy a Diana Lomo camera.
There ya go! Now just to wish and wish all of these lovely things into my life. Some are slightly easy and others take a lot more work, but, if I'm sure of anything, this shall turn out to be one exciting year! XOXO.

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Leanne said...

I will totally take you to a casino. They have one in Alabama. And Vegas for your 21st sounds like a ton of fun. I have many lists of great things to do while there. And I will go with you to NASA! I am determined to go to the last shuttle launch this summer and visit Kennedy Space Center again.