Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Finals Week! (& Happy 2nd Birthday Blog!)

Playing my ukulele. Practice makes perfect, right?
Just a few little updates because I have some cute pictures to share! It's finals week here at UNF, so I've been swamped with studying and essay writing (and of course procrastinating!). Two weekends ago was Thanksgiving. Meaning!! It's kind of like.. the bloggy's Second Birthday! EEK! I've had it for two years now and well, fifty three posts later I couldn't be more proud. 6,000+ page views still blows my mind, so thank you very much to anyone who has taken the time to read and enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it! I adore you all!

Now onto some more pictures to tide you over until I get the chance to post what I'm really excited about- Christmas decorations and my Book Mine finds! But alas! those are for another day...
We decorated our family Christmas tree in Melbourne. All of the personal ornaments are my favorite. Look at this one of little me! Too cute, right?
Mmmmm. Taylor took me on a retro date to Johhny Angel's, a Fifties themed delicious restaurant here in Jacksonville. I was SO full after my burger, chili cheese fries, and chocolate milkshake, but I cannot wait to go back. YUM.
And finally, me nerding out in my Sailor Moon shirt, in the biggest book store I've ever set foot in. Chamblin's Book Mine is well, a MINE of BOOKS. Over 2million at the location we were at!! I unearthed some truly amazing items which I'll share in my next post. Hint: They're both over 100 years old!
Now back to ukulele playing.. I mean studying. One final down as of this morning. One and a half papers and one final to go! Good luck to anyone else cramming and Happy It's-Okay-To-Be-Excited-About-Christmastime-Now-Time! XO, Skye.

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