Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oh, March

     Why hello there, March. You've finally arrived with all of your excitement in tow. You make me dream of sunny days, picnics and dates in the park. I like to think of you as my "birthday month," because I tend to celebrate throughout your weeks. You fill me with glee -Disney World over Spring Break, celebrating leprechauns, honoring the big Twenty-One with family and friends, nearing the end of the semester, but not so near for finals and stress. The flowers begin blooming, the birds chirp in the trees, and everything feels like it's changing for the better. March, you're a peaceful, joyful month. One where I can play outside with my puppy, and finally go to the store for champagne and make all sorts of delicious cocktails. So here's to you, dearest March. May we equally delight in each others company. XO.

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