Friday, March 23, 2012

Cord Conundrum

     I said I'd be blogging this weekend, and I kind of am, but until I get a new phone cord I can't upload any of the really good pictures I have to share. You see, my darling dearest puppy decided that chewing on the white iPhone charger was a brilliant idea a few weeks back. At first it was okay and still worked, but then she got a hold of it once more. I taped it up best I could and it works for charging... barely. I have to wiggle it just the right way. And when I plug it into my laptop to transfer pictures? Nothing. I'd do the sensible thing and go buy a new cord, but I already went shopping once today and forgot about it, so I'm not going again. I could also just email myself all of the photos, like I've done in the past, but there are far too many to pick that option this time. Thus, you'll just have to wait for the two (or was it three?) outfit posts and the Disney recap. I can, however, give you a little peek at some Instagrams lately.
Went to Target to buy sandals. Bought cereal bowls and flowered sneakers. Yeah... I do that a lot.
Flowered sneakers: Target (in the little girls' section, 10$)
And this is why I can't get too mad at her when she eats my phone cord...
If I've ever sent you mail, you'd know that I adore confetti. I was attempting to put some in my thank you notes when all of a sudden -poof! The bag ripped open and fell everywhere! This picture makes it look tame, but trust me, I had to swoop in like a mama bird and steal the little pieces up before Pip decided to eat them all.
     Now back to what I've been doing all day, lounging and reading The Hunger Games. I finished the first in less than one day -like, I started yesterday at lunch and was done by this morning. I'd say, oh I don't know... six hours total? Yeah, I'm a pretty quick reader when I want to be. Anyway, now I feel like I should publicly take back anything bad I've ever said about them, ha! It took me so long to read them because I'm stubborn and don't like liking things that everyone else loves. Taylor jokingly calls me a Hipster, but in that regard it's kind of true. Sad, but true. Anyway! I've gotten over it and I'm hooked and so should you. Now I just have to wait for Taylor to get home to see the movie... patience is not really my best attribute. XO.

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