Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hello Kitty Band-aids & Flowered Headbands

     So my cord still isn't working. I went to buy a new one and then saw how expensive they were and left the store. I left quite a few stores empty handed today. Except JoAnn's. But that was only due to a kind woman giving me a coupon as she walked out of the store and my inability to turn down saving money. Anyway! I just emailed myself a few of the photos so I could get something up. I feel like if I stop blogging again, even for a few days, it's going to be just that much harder to pick it up in full force.
     These are some photos from... sometime this week. I forget what day actually. It was nice out, so it had to be Monday-Thursday? And Taylor took them so I'm guessing it was possibly Wednesday? For someone who hates wearing the same outfit two weeks in a row, I sure have a terrible clothing memory. Oops. Also, sorry about the not-so-great quality. Pretty sure next time I need outfit pictures I'm going to just drag out my Canon. It's heavy, but the picture quality is so much better. This may have been the day where I was suffering from PDD, or post-Disney depression, and that's why my hair is up. That day was just no good at all. Everything kept going wrong and I felt like crying all day. It was kind of ridiculous. Actually, I think this was Tuesday. I cut my arm on Monday and that's why I have a Hello Kitty band-aid on. Yeah, definitely Tuesday.
Dress- Bealls; Shirt- Hollister/thrift find; Belt- Ross; Sunglasses- American Eagle/Ross; Headband- F21
This headband is kind of my favorite right now. It looks like just fabric, but it's got a wire piece inside so it's bendy! and so comfortable.
Pippa's Leash/Collar- Petsmart

     Little side story, I didn't realize until last Friday that there are people in Petsmart specifically there to sell you their brand of dog food. An employee casually talked to me about a shirt I was getting for Pip and then segued into a ten minute spiel about why the dog food I bought was the worst on the market and that I needed to buy his. Of course he was polite and I'm way too polite to just leave the guy, so I went along with it, but really. I wanted to get in and get out and they should know that I'm too nice to say no! Also, his brand was 3x the price of the one I buy. No way, Jose. Next time I'm in there, I'm definitely bringing Pip as back up so I can excuse myself so she can pee.

     Now to go read Mockingjay. Yes, you've read that correctly. I've finished the second book in one day. Taylor comes home sometime after midnight from his BIG GIANT WONDERFUL WIN! and I've got a lot to do tomorrow, so I doubt I will be up late reading tonight. As soon as I get a new cord, you shall have new pictures. XO.

P.S. Our 52 Dates of 2012 should be returning promptly next week! We've been so busy lately that we've done things together but haven't pulled any from the jar. I'll be so happy when, after next weekend, we can stop running for a couple weekends and just hang out.

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