Wednesday, February 29, 2012

But Green's the Color of the Spring

In honor of Leap Day and those cute green leaping amphibians, here's an outfit post dedicated to green!
Skirt- Ross (around 5/6 years ago); Shoes- TJ Maxx; Top- F21; Belt- Vintage
Teasing her with a leaf so I could get her to look at the camera.
A bug was on the tree by my hand, so I uttered a noise that sounded like "EEEeek!" and swiftly hopped towards Taylor. Thank goodness he takes pictures of things like this.
Pip's collar/leash- Petsmart

Happy Leap Day! Go out and do something unusual. Start reading a new book. Wear lots of green. Make new friends. Eat dessert for dinner and breakfast at midnight. Write love poems and actually send them. Try something new and unexpected. Remember that every day you have a chance to renew yourself and change, so take advantage of this extra day! And if it doesn't work out? There's always tomorrow. XO.

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Diedra Truman said...

Love that skirt! I think you've had it long enough to count as a vintage piece.