Monday, February 20, 2012

This little blog of mine...

I'm gonna let it shine! (You're welcome for getting that tune stuck in your head!)

     Just a quick note to mention that I managed to make myself a blog button. I am so very proud of it. With the help of a little editing and a lot of re-reading the tutorial on this site, combined with a slightly traumatizing adventure into my old Photobucket account so I had a place to host it (I exclaimed to Taylor "Ohhhh, I was so angsty in my youth!" Yeah, that bad), I've created a way for you to share your love for me! Vain, I know, but I have this grand scheme of having a wonderful blog one day that shall make it so I don't have to work a real job. Yeah yeah, every blogger dreams that, but I've recently been reminded that only you stand in the way of your dreams -so I'm getting myself excited about writing and blogging again. Also, here is Pippa under my bedside table:
     Moral of the story, if you read this and have a blog, do me a favor and share my newly created button! It's right over there >>> And if you don't, then just keep reading, because that's all I want anyway -to share my little blog and my life with you. XO.

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