Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pretending to be a Journalist

     As you've probably seen, UNF is hosting the Florida Republican Presidential Debate tonight. I, as a concerned citizen, decided it was my duty to act like a total tourist and take pictures as I walked back from my class, which was sadly not canceled. I'll admit I never even saw a single famous person and I could be there right now but would rather stay home with Pip, but still... don't burst my excited-about-UNF bubble. Swoop!
CNN sign on our Student Union, where they were doing interviews and (as I heard on CNN) the candidates makeup.
Press area, and behind this sign was the security and metal detectors. As Taylor and I walked away we heard two officers discussing protesters and students, saying they needed to keep everything tightly under control because there were already groups of both forming.
News news news!
Being a goober and getting my face in the picture. You've gotta have some proof right? I wanted to see the big CNN bus, but we had to get home to let out Miss Pippa.
Fourth floor view of the press vans and the Boathouse, where they're doing more interviews.
Well, back to watching the debate on TV, doing homework, and cuddling with my puppy. Please, no commenting about politics- I'd rather talk about tea and cookies and what you're doing this weekend. XO.

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