Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Many Sleeping Positions of Philippa Rose

While it sounds like a lovely book title filled with romance, intrigue, and a little danger, it is actually just the fact about our little fluff-ball of joy we brought home on New Year's Day. Miss Philippa Rose aka Pippa aka Pipsqueak aka Pip, Pippy, Pipppppaaaa, rat chaser, Princess, pretty girl etc. loves to sleep. Most puppies do, but Pippa is different. She loves to sleep in the weirdest positions. Want some proof?

Everywhere we bring her, someone exclaims "Ohhhmygoshshe'ssocuteeeee!" usually in a baby voice, high-pitched and giggly. We took her to Petsmart the other evening and had to stop almost every aisle so someone could see her. They ask "What is she? She's just adorable, where did you get her? Is she going to stay that little!?"

Last night we headed to a friend's for a bonfire and made our way to an amazing restaurant that's open until 3am, Miss Pippa in tow. She was such a sweetie! We sat outside to eat and she sat in my lap the entire time, snoozing like no other. The people at the table next to us piped into our conversations over and over and eventually realized we had her. Guy-in-the-girl's-jacket, Girl-with-more-layers-on-than-necessary, and Klepto-stealing-things-from-the-restaurant-bathroom cooed and oohed and aahed over Pippa for probably 15 minutes, even telling me that they would love to steal her and take her home. Eventually, our waiter even noticed Pippa and laughed because we had been there almost an hour and he hadn't noticed her in the slightest.

Taylor and I are loving her immensely and are so happy to have her here with us. We started class last Wednesday and hated leaving her home alone even for just a couple hours. This week we'll have even more classes and less time with her, which may possibly make me cry. I know she's fine and well-taken care of, but I wish I could just keep her in my pocket everywhere I go. Yeah... I love this little furball that much.

Now to work on homework and whatnots for class, putting my little nose back to the grindstone. XO.

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