Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sweet Nothings: Snow Edition!

   I wish I could've just paused time that day. It was so gorgeous outside! I felt like I had just stepped into Narnia or a fairy realm or something equally spectacular. So here goes, ten of my beautiful snowy photographs:

My Alpaca hat! given to me by that cute boyfriend of mine.
My poor snowy car did SO much driving that weekend. 
Oil change, here we come!
There's a much better sequence of pictures for this,
but I thought this face summed it up.
   You'll probably see me use more, but I had to limit myself to ten for this post. Otherwise, you would've gotten all three hundred or so in one post! and anyway, Sweet Nothings always only have ten pictures. XOXO.
P.S! I got to cross off #101 on my list!


Susan Healy-Vonachen said...

I love your pictures! You're so creative Skye!!!!
How fun was it to see snow in GA!!!
as Cory would say... WOOT!

OhmySkye said...

It was definitely WOOT worthy! We had so much fun that afternoon. I got all of my deliveries done really early and then we just went out and played in the snow!

Anonymous said...

love the 7th pic down!!! glad you enjoyed the snowfall. btw - what a cutie blog you've got ;-)
-Bre H. & the pixie girls