Wednesday, February 10, 2010

One Ten in Twenty Ten! [Part 2]

So here goes, wish me luck! I'll be copying and pasting it all into the side bar so I can reference back and cross things off. Yay, lists!
  1. Send Hunter beaucoup des lettres avec.. confetti!
  2. Get my iPod all set up on my new computer.
  3. Find myself some really fantastic new ringtones.
  4. Watch stars come out on a Summer evening.
  5. Go to a casino.
  6. Get a massage. Or three.
  7. Find a really good hair stylist.
  8. Hang out at the fancy flat rock place again.
  9. Have a bunch of picnics.
  10. Visit the National Infantry Museum that's down the road.
  11. Visit NASA and the Space stuff.
  12. See a shuttle go off!
  13. Take more pictures of things I think are worth capturing.
  14. Build a sand castle.
  15. Spend a day with someone under the age of 5.
  16. Find another pair of "favorite black boots".
  17. Drink more tea and less coffee.
  18. Write a bunch of cute haikus.
  19. Buy Sailor Moon on DVD.
  20. Continue learning to play ukulele.
  21. Buy my own ukulele.
  22. Go to more hockey games next season.
  23. Eat at home more often for lunch.
  24. Send someone flowers.
  25. Talk more to strangers and give them compliments.
  26. Pledge a sorority during Rush week.
  27. Ride on a boat.
  28. Worry less and smile more.
  29. Stay caught up on my TV shows.
  30. Wear my tutu more often!
  31. See another movie in 3D.
  32. Sit in front of a fireplace and read a book.
  33. Take railroad track pictures downtown.
  34. Buy more earrings.
  35. Wear heels more often.
  36. Bring flowers home for myself at least once a month.
  37. Make wishes on 11:11.
  38. Learn to write some basics in Japanese.
  39. Listen to books on CD while delivering.
  40. Get some followers following my cute blog.
  41. Pass my exams.
  42. Paint something on a real canvas.
  43. Revamp my makeup collection.
  44. Organize all of the files on my laptop.
  45. Collect lots of pretty fall leaves and make a collage.
  46. See snow somewhere.
  47. Learn how to cook my favorite meals.
  48. Go see a movie all by myself.
  49. Visit the big library in town.
  50. Play with some sidewalk chalk.
  51. Do a photo scavenger hunt. Or two.
  52. Find some delicious signature scents.
  53. Dance more.
  54. Take lots of bubble baths with Lush!
  55. Start writing a list for 2011!