Tuesday, February 9, 2010

One Ten in Twenty Ten!

I may have lied.. I told you all I'd have my list of 110 things I want to accomplish in 2010 before Valentine's Day, but I've just been so busy that I only have half! I suppose I'll just make this a fancy half list for now:
  1. Really learn French. 
  2. Wear retainer every night (unless I have a legit reason not to).
  3. Pet a llama.
  4. Travel with only a single carry-on.
  5. Save up at least 500$.
  6. Go to Disney.
  7. Read all seven Harry Potter books again, in a row.
  8. Go to Boulder, Colorado.
  9. Make a quilt.
  10. Re-learn to design flowers.
  11. Become a sophomore.
  12. Watch a sunrise.
  13. Try geocaching.
  14. Bake a cake with 3+ layers.
  15. Buy a calligraphy pen and learn to use it.
  16. Get a puppy.
  17. Blog at least twice a month (24 total).
  18. Participate in the Beautiful Project.
  19. Try try try not to procrastinate.
  20. Play in the rain.
  21. Knit something.
  22. Declare my major.
  23. Learn a choreographed dance.
  24. Grow out my hair to look like Enchanted again.
  25. Make no grades lower than a "C".
  26. Go to a bonfire.
  27. Do yoga more often.
  28. Take Remi/new puppy for more walks.
  29. Read 50 new books.
  30. Find the perfect "Little Black Dress".
  31. Actually swim when I go to the beach.
  32. Go to the Harry Potter theme Park.
  33. Go camping (in a tent and everything).
  34. Begin to plan Study Abroad.
  35. Revamp my underwear collection.
  36. Buy 3+ new pair of AMAZING jeans.
  37. Grow out my nails enough to get a manicure.
  38. Try to cook 5+ dinners.
  39. Go to 2+ museums.
  40. Do something one-on-one with CoryBear.
  41. Watch 10+ "classic" movies.
  42. Donate to a charity I believe in.
  43. Visit the zoo.
  44. Keep my car clean.
  45. Find a chocolate brown cardigan.
  46. Try to get 8+ hours of recommended sleep a night.
  47. Plant something.
  48. Watch it grow from a seed and take pictures.
  49. Fix all of my broken dresses.
  50. Find a way to get Illustrator/Photoshop.
  51. Keep my closet organized.
  52. Write stories more often.
  53. Visit the Celestial Seasonings place.
  54. Stay within the same weight range.
  55. Keep on top of writing thank you notes.
To be continued..

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