Wednesday, January 13, 2010

When You Wish Upon a Star,

Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you. <3

  Spring Semester began early Monday morning, so please excuse my lateness with updating. The final portion of my Winter trip was lovely; I spent the last few nights with Hunter and then headed up in my new car (!) to visit my grandmother. Mamma and I took a naughty side trip to LUSH in Orlando and coffee at the rest stop. We stayed in North Florida for two nights and then headed back home to our Peach State, only to find Brrrrr-y temperatures. My car has frosted over three out of four school evenings now, and I'm actually considering buying an ice scraper.
  And speaking of school, I'm quite excited about all of the classes I am in. Monday/Wednesday is English in the morning and then Philosophy in the late afternoon. English shouldn't be too hard, but my teacher seems to prefer Southern American literature, which I'm not too big a fan of (Tennessee Williams is my exception). Oh! and my Philosophy teacher? He totally falls into the Philosopher category. I'm talking shaggy long grey hair, scruffy beard, a geometric patterned old man sweater and a blazer! I literally giggled to myself when he walked in the room and was so giddy I had to text Hunter and tell him right away.
  Tuesday/Thursday are going to be my long, hectic days. 2D Design in the morning, French for dejeuner, and History to 1500 for late afternoon. 2D Design was terrifying yet extremely exciting. Our first project is about Abstraction through Simplification and (if I'm allowed) I'm going to use our university lampposts as my inspiration. French was.. intimidating. I'm in the second semester of it and they're beginning with Chapter Four, so I'm hoping I get my French book soon so I can try to review. (192$ is a lot of money right now!) I thoroughly enjoyed my History class and the teacher too. I'm SO tempted to call her Professor Moody (as in Mad-Eye Moody from Harry Potter)!

   And lastttt but not least today, I'm going to share a link to a super cute blog that I stumbled upon while eating my lunch. Search through the pages and find her entries about "Of the Universe"; I adore some of the things that she says and absolutely relate to being a "walking contradiction"! I'm pretty sure I've used that exact phrasing before, too. Without further ado, I bring you Lemon Soda:


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