Monday, January 25, 2010

I feel like such a horrible blog Mommy!

  I've been neglecting you so much lately my darling blog. I've been meaning to update, but five classes and work on Saturday AND Sunday nights have me so busy. Plus this week was extra jammed: four hours working on my 2D project outside of class, hockey game on Saturday night, work work work, movies with the girls on Sunday, and then today alone I did three deliveries, two classes, and met up at Starbucks with Mamma.

  But enough of the jibber jabber! I am pledging right this moment that I, Skye, swear that I will blog at least once a week until Valentine's week. Pinky promise! 

  So here are some quick ideas that I may or may not (depending on if I'm still inspired by the time I get around to it start writing) post on here:
Recap of my first week of school/ "How I Like My Classes" 
New Things I've Learned Lately
Wah Wah Wednesdays a.k.a. My Pet Peeves and Annoyances of the moment
Fifty Books I Need to Read
My 110 in Twenty-Ten List! (I'll admit.. I'm only on Number 50 in the writing process. Eek!)
Alrighty, so that gets me going at least until Valentine's week and probably after. Off to watch Mr. Castle do his stuff on my television! XOXO.

EDIT: Apparently my brain has gone to mush due to my first weeks of school, because I already recapped them for you. Oops! Tomorrow I plan to hopefully drag my laptop along to my classes; I want to see how well I do taking notes with it and also have it to blog in B&N. So until then, Au Revoir et je vous aime!

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