Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Ten Acre Woods

     A few weeks ago I had a super wonderful, dreamlike week, full of Spring Break adventures, Disney surprises, and some quaint celebrations with family. It was just what I needed and I'm finally able to share some of the outfit pictures Taylor took for me! My cord conundrum is fixed and the pictures are here, so look forward to more memories soon.
     These are all from the last day of our break, after my Uncle's birthday party as the sun was setting. My grandmother's Ten-Acre Woods are full of picture opportunities, so I made Taylor follow me with my phone camera and snap a few a million pictures. These are some of my favorites -that top one with Pip's little face peeking back? I swoon!
I love the look of complete joy on my face in this one. I love throwing leaves.
Hat, Dress- F21; Shoes- Ross; Key bracelet- Lucky Brand, old; Acai nut bracelet- came with my Eco-tini at Disney.
Barefoot is the best way to go. I lived most of my childhood like this.
     Taylor and I are taking it easy and not doing much, as these next couple weekends will be pretty busy. We're making lots of changes and getting prepared to move in a couple months, find jobs, and, for me at least, take summer classes. So this weekend, we're keeping calm. Friday the 13th was a truly great day, which is weird because most people are frightened by it. I, however, seem to always have good days on Friday the 13th, and yesterday was no exception. My military ID picture came out perfect, we bought hot dogs from the nicest gentleman, had lunch with friends, looked at houses for rent, and then ate Thai food for dinner. Today I'm catching up on TV shows I missed and running a couple errands once Taylor wakes up from his after-practice nap. Hope you have a dazzling (and stress-free, if you need it) weekend! XO.

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The Rag Trade said...

This is such a lovely outfit dear and I love your hat! I am extremely envious of your weather and sun, I can't believe that is your March! You have a cute blog hon :)