Thursday, April 12, 2012

Telegrams from... Thursday?

     This blogging thing has taken a back burner to this whole April-is-the-most-stressful-month-ever thing. And by ever, I really mean EVER. There is just so much happening and so quickly and so disorganized. I'm having trouble keeping my head above water through it all, but I'm making it work. So here's a little Telegram that I meant to post on Tuesday.

The Drop, that wrestles in the Sea—

Forgets her own locality—

As I—toward Thee—

She knows herself an incense small—

Yet small—she sighs—if All—is All—

How larger—be?

The Ocean—smiles—at her Conceit—

But she, forgetting Amphitrite—


Emily Dickinson
       Also, Pippa on the beach may well be the most adorable thing ever. She digs and digs and runs and then hates the sea water. It's pretty uplifting to watch her frolic. Now back to procrastinating working on writing papers. XO.

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