Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Confessions of a Facebook Creeper

I have a confession.. I Facebook creep like no other. It always catches me when I'm on like, page ten of your Ex-BF's sister's half brother's girlfriend's photo page and I'm like "Uh Skye, how do you know these people?"

The other thing I stalk: Pandora. Yepp, your Pandora playlists are not safe when I'm around, er.. when I'm on the internet. Pandora (the Internet Radio that has become the soundtrack of my day-to-day life) has this neat little feature where you can see your friends on Facebook who also use Pandora (Don't ask me how they know all this, that's a little too stalker, even for me). It shows you any stations they've made and listened to and song they've liked or bookmarked or whatever. And to me? It's super creepy of me to like looking at what music other people are listening to, but I. Love. It.

I feel like you can learn so much about a person just by what music they listen to. I remember sitting in class ages and ages ago when iPod's first got big (Yeah yeah yeah, it was only like 5 years. Whatever.) and looking through everyone else's trying to interpret what every single artist on there meant. But now! Now I don't even have to steal someone's iPod, I can just creep on their Pandora. I always think it's funny when the kid you thought had weird taste in music has super cool bands bookmarked or the girl you assumed only listened to Top 40 stuff has an amazing list of stations. It reminds me that I don't really know people as well as I think I do and I shouldn't judge a book by its cover, however cliche that sounds. And it's really weird to think that the music I listen to while sleeping and getting a shower and doing my random everyday stuff might be the same music other people are hearing as they go about their days. Oh dear, creeper status rising.. Can't stop.. Must go talk to real people and play with Charlotte Belle..AHH.

I think it's a disease, but I'm still looking into it. I'll let you know what the Dr. says when he calls me back. Now to go listen to more Pandora and keep breaking stereotypes down one friend's station at a time. XO.

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