Thursday, July 8, 2010

Shh.. Let's pretend it's Tuesday!

Drats! I was doing so well and then this week just snuck up on me! Here's my Curious Tuesday disguised as a Curious Wednesday:

1. What was your first kiss experience?
I was a late bloomer and didn't get mine until 8th grade. It was just an eh-I-sorta-like-you-and-you-just-asked-me-out kiss, nothing really special. I liked this boy and he asked me out after a dance, so he kissed me goodbye in the parking lot. (We broke up three days later. Oh the joys of Middle School, right?) I remember thinking, "Really? That's it?" I did the same thing after my first "make-out session". It wasn't until later that I began to really enjoy kissing. Luckily, the boys have all gotten better as I've moved on.
2. If you could work for — & learn from — anyone, who would it be & why?
Betsey Johnson. Well, if I pretend I'm fashionable and that creative. I'd like to learn from the Dalai Lama, though I don't think he gives one-on-one lessons. Honestly, I'd like to just work for myself.
3. Have you ever taken a Myers-Briggs test? (If not, do it here, it’s quick & easy!) What was your result? Do you think it was accurate? (Also, TypeLogic is a great resource for finding out more information about your type.)
I'm an INFP (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving). I've taken this a few different times and in different settings and I always come up with the same answer. For the most part, I agree with it. There are a lot of similar personality traits in INFP's as there are in Pisces, like being a dreamer and living in a fantasy world, and looking at the world through rose colored glasses. I'm "The Idealist".
4. What is your favourite thing about your best friend?
Does that mean I have to pick a best friend? Last I checked Hunter and I were agreeing to be besties, so my favorite thing about him would be everything.
5. What makes you happiest?
Traveling. The boyfriend. When Mamma makes yummy food. Family. Laughing with people I love. Soft pink blankies and cuddling with Lana the Llama and Miss Charlotte Belle.
 XOXO and hopefully I'll have time to update in the coming weeks. Hunter and I are headed out to Boulder in one week! 

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