Thursday, March 18, 2010


   See that? That's me! At Disney! I got to cross off a 110 in 2010 list item! My Aunt Mer and Uncle Dan bought me tickets for my 19th birthday, and I used the first to go to Magic Kingdom over Spring Break with them and two of my friends. I had such a fun time there, I felt like a little kid again. I got pictures with lots of the Princesses, but I can't wait to go back to get the rest.
Aurora and me
Cinderella asked me if my fairy Godmother made my pretty dress
Snow White had the highest pitched voice I had ever heard, I wish I could have recorded it
Ariel is my favorite Princess, mostly because she has red hair and is a mermaid!
   And finally me, at the end of a long, lovely day. Notice my "Happy Birthday Skye!" button and my tons of pins! I actually gained three more pins since I took the picture. I searched for the Baby Ariel one the entire day, and finally found her (to match the Baby Prince Eric) at the last store I went to as I was buying a Princess license plate. The best part of the entire search was when I told the Boyfriend about it. I was saying how cute it was because I was like Ariel and he could be Prince Eric. He proceeded to tell me that Eric was a "douche" because he has sex with a fish and an octopus and wears dumb clothes AND that if he was anybody, it would be the Mad Hatter (the old one of course, he hates Johnny Depp). So now I'm on the search for a Mad Hatter pin to go with Ariel instead of Eric. Sheesh!
   The button got me lots of special attention, the entire day I heard "Happy Birthday Princess Skye!" from all of the castmembers and sometimes just random people. It was super exciting because on my real birthday I changed my oil and went to class and was more cranky than anything. the whole day was full of happy and more happy, so it made up for it. The only bad part was how absolutely embarrassed I got when they SANG to me! Literally you guys, they woman stopped the whole restaurant so they could sing. I wanted to crawl under my table! I guess that's what you get for wearing a pin that announces your birthday though..
   Alrighty, I'm off to the Cottonmouths Hockey game now, nails painted bright red and fancy dress and red boots. Walking contradiction, eh? (That was me being Canadian for a second, hehe) Go Snakes Go! Hopefully we win tonight! I'll probably post more Spring Break pictures soon, but honestly I hardly took any besides Disney. Maybe I'll just post some more random ones. XOXO!

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