Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bonjour mon chiot!

Enchante mes bichettes! Je m'appelle Charlotte! Or for all of you un-fancy people: Nice to meet you dears, I'm Charlotte!
  I was born back in January to a Cocker Spaniel mommy and a Poodle-Chihuahua daddy (making me an adorable Cockapoo). I grew up in a house with my brothers and sisters and then took a roadtrip down to meet my new humans. I snuck into a dorm room and everything! My new home is very big, but I'm getting used to the stairs.
  The first night I was home my humans put me into the bathtub! Look how silly they made me look:
How embarrassing! I did smell better at least, and that was pleasurable. I think next time I have a bubble bath I'll be buying some Pet Head or possibly splurging on some yummy John Paul Pet. They smell so good! Mommy says I need all of my puppy shots before I can go shopping though.
   Luckily my Mommy went shopping for me. She bought an adorable collar for me, but we think it's magical because I always end up falling asleep when it's on me. I was also gifted with a pretty pink frisbee, some chewy sticks, a squeaky sheep, and a pink ropey toy.
   Well it was very nice to meet you all! I will probably be taking over my fancy Mommy's blog in the future, so look forward to hear from me! I'll leave you with a few more pictures to fawn over:
With Mommy and Remi before my bath.
Eating a pansy in my yard. Miam Miam! as the French say.
Attacking my mommy. Sometimes we get silly and I lick her face.
Rawrrr! I was trying to eat Mommy's camera strap.
And this last one was taken by Mamma Dee. She thought I'd make a cute Wahine.
Enjoy! XOXO Charlotte
Oh and P.S. Excusez-moi for my bad grammar this evening. Mommy is still sleepy from the time change and is having a bit of difficulty translating my puppy French into English. Rêves doux!

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